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Can You Beat the 100PLUS Game?

A wild 100PLUS machine appears!

Eh what is this?

Why are there so many people staring at it?!!?

Turns out it's a game~~~ Win yourselves a refreshing can of 100PLUS by playing 

Release the Can

Jeng jeng jeng.. This is the first interactive vending machine to appear in Malaysia. You gotta move left or right and jump in order to beat the game. And to compensate you for your mini-exercise, you'll be rewarded with a cool can of 100PLUS!

The 100PLUS machine will be at the locations below~

*Update - The 100PLUS machine will also be at TOC on 9th Dec!

Find out more at or

The 'Win the Day' campaign is by 100PLUS and Rantau PR.


  1. why this is such a cool game, so if you loose you won't have any 100 plus?

  2. Hahah I believe you still get one for 'consolation prize' xD


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