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Loving The Cyber Colors HD Aura Range

Recently, as my skin got drier, I've always been very indifferent towards liquid foundations because they make me flake so badly and I find it really unnatural and cakey. Hence, when I saw that SaSa had sent me one, I just went blergh~

But I gotta admit.. The rainbow boxes were really pretty =x so okay.. Don't be so quick to judge, right? Helps that the bottles are rather fancy looking too~

Cyber Colors HD Aura Watery Makeup Base SPF 20 PA++ (RM 89/30ml)
As with all makeup routines, apply a base first to ensure foundation goes on smoothly. 

The one here is in 02 Glow Pink which almost disappears into skin without any glitters or sparkles. It just gives skin that slight boost so it glows. It's moisturizing and the formula is really light.

Comes in 3 variants, each with a different function.

Cyber Colors HD Aura Gel Foundation SPF 20 PA++ (RM 99/30ml)

A light foundation that contains squalane and sun protection.

I'm not sure what's with brands and assuming we bloggers all fit into the absolute lightest shade ever. There are 3 shades - Ivory, Natural & Warm Beige available. Ivory was never a shade I would pick so forgive me if I look ever so slightly ghastly.

And now.. The moment of truth! Ta-da! I am amazeeedd.. No flaking or caking at all. Nuh uh. That is crazy if you've seen what liquid foundation normally looks on me. I also can't help but notice the way it makes my skin look so glowy and radiant.

Close up.. click to enlarge! Foundation applied on my left, right of this photo. Doesn't cover pores 100% like powder though.

Frontal shot for comparison.

No touch up done at all for all the photos in this post so you can see the coverage.. which is not really the best but nothing a lil concealer can't fix. My skin has terrible outbreaks from a recent skincare testing so I can't blame it either. After all, I prefer natural foundations with concealer instead of heavy coverage foundations.

Cyber Colors HD Aura Skin Finish Powder (RM 79/13g)

To finish up, brush the Skin Finish Powder all over skin. Even though it's powder, the finish is not very matte and there's still a certain glow from the Gel Foundation.

Warning : DO NOT remove the sticker! Instead, poke holes in it or remove half of it to control the amount of powder that comes out. Trust me. =/

Base makeup all set! For people with oily skin, I would recommend applying the powder after. The combination isn't too drying for individuals with dry skin though (I'm a living proof).

I like..!! I love how it gives me such a radiant complexion. The Gel Foundie does seem to match my skintone better after a while.. It's so natural looking and I didn't feel it on top of my skin at all.

If you're crazy about covering your imperfections, use a good concealer. This only evens out your skintone and makes it look better overall.

Boy, did I miss having a glowing complexion! Since I only used powder foundation previously, I have a mostly matte face most of the time. If you face the same problems as me or simply hate having that icky heavy feel on your skin, this is definitely worth a shot! ;)

Although coverage is not perfect, my skin looks so much better as it's not as dry. The Skin Finish Powder blurs the surface along with the uneven bumps on my skin. Must be the Aura Composite Powder inside working its 360° soft-focus to reflect light away from my imperfections. The range also contains Spherical Polyurethane Powders that ensure the product glides effortlessly over skin.

** Products were provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.

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  1. Hi, I bought this make-up base and gel foundation and love it. However, I rarely put on make up so I had them until they expired. I don't think they sell this series anymore. Do you know any other brands/products that are similar to this foundation series?


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