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[Giveaway] Worthy Book Sent Me to New York for FREE!

Thank you Worthy Book!

Lolol okay maybe not THAT New York..

Using these vouchers, I was able to go for a FREE facial AND bring a friend (there are 2 in the book). Before you go "oh that's just a pushy, expensive and bad service place.." read what I have to say!

I was not allowed any photos inside though so I only have words to share. (Ok I stole photos from their FB)

After consultation and skin analysis, Macy decided I had dehydrated skin and recommended a collagen treatment.

Using this camera, she took photos of my skin to show me real before & after effects (no cheating here).

Then I was ushered into a private space which has dim lighting and soft music playing. The temperature was just right and not too cold although I was dressed in their tube towel (and blanket).

First of all, I would like to say I love it that they provide contact lens casings and solutions for customers like me who forget to bring ours =/

Treatment started with double cleansing then softening mask and collagen application to soften my skin before extraction. Even the softening mask was already so relaxing omgg hahaha! The extraction process was not too painful and it is definitely more effective than my DIY. I informed her I had an event right after so to reduce the redness, she plugged in a machine to release cold mist. Collagen was applied again generously. The cool gel-like feeling was soothing.

The next step involved a double mask where Honey Mask was applied first for hydration then topped with Mineral Mask (smells fruity or like mango) which helps absorption of ingredients. The effects of Mineral Mask lasts 2-3 days so I was advised to apply my skincare diligently after that.

After this treatment, I could see that my skin was plumped, hydrated and smoother for about a week. Of course, this was only one session and I didn't expect permanent effects yet. Extraction marks disappeared quickly without scars yay!

And to answer your question, YES they are hard selling but the trick is to be even more pushy than them and you will get a pretty good deal ;) I left the place without having to purchase but honestly, the price was really attractive! I am still thinking of returning..

Got a bag of their trial sized skincare too~

These are all the 100% FREE (no purchase necessary!) vouchers available in Worthy Book:

  • FREE 1x New York Skin facial skin treatment + 1x skincare product kit
  • FREE 1x Three Sixty Fashion membership card (worth RM250) + Mystery Gifts
  • FREE 1x SOTHYS 30mins Skinscope + Mystery Gifts
  • FREE 1x Glow & Glamour Aroma Beauty SPA
  • FREE 1x De'cleor 30mins My Aromatic Ritual (1-to-1 skincare hands-on workshop)
  • FREE 1x Ecoparadise Antioxidant Hotbed Therapy
  • FREE 1x Jojoba Spa Hand Paraffin Treatment & Aroma Heart Shape Candle
  • FREE 1x Kenko trial for Fish Spa Treatment
  • FREE 1x TREATS Yearly Member Discount Card

Sounds interesting, eh? Let me show you some of the attractive vouchers you can find inside!

I had previously used Worthy Book before but it was the Food edition then they came out with the Ladies Edition which got me all excited! With over 110 vouchers, it is priced for RM 29.90 (wth this facial alone is worth it) and you can get it from MPH, Borders, Popular, Times, Kinokuniya and

Worthy Book

*** GIVEAWAY ***

Enjoy a FREE facial session like mine! Only for new customers who are 22 and older. I believe this voucher can be used at the Curve outlet only..

Please leave your details in the Rafflecopter as my commenting system is a lil wonkers after I shifted domains! Commenting on FB is also needed as a backup so I can PM winners =)

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*** GIVEAWAY ***


  1. The title is so misleading T_T I was about to rag on you and go all I'm insanely jealous okay!! Hahaha


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