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[Giveaway] Ten OOTDs & One For You

Since I just got a full length mirror, I've been taking a bit of OOTD pics while practicing my long-leg-pose lulz By the time you read this, I'm also on my way to Thailand to restock on clothes =x

1) Pink dress from pre-order RM 25 max. Cheap but quality not the best..

2) Lopsided cape dress from Sungei Wang RM 25. I can probably get away without wearing a bra but nah... =x

Okay, I need to clear those stuff behind.. 

3) Stretchy denim shorts RM 35 from Sungei Wang! Got them from a shop called MBK Jeans which has some stretchable shorts for people with big thighs like me! White bag from Sacha.

4) Brown scalloped skirt from Taylor's bazaar RM 25. Pink bag from RM 30

Skirt is quite comfy and of good quality.. Unfortunately, they do not have a blogshop..

5) This mint scalloped skirt is also from the same shop for RM 25! Why lar don't you have a blogshop T_T~ Pink ribbon belt & red rose clutch from

6) OOTD to Genting (my first time to the casino!). I had on a furry velvet top and I suspect the people in there thought I was an escort/prostitute due to the fur because I caught quite a number of people staring at me =/ Note to self : no more FUR to Genting

My coat is from Sungei Wang, also RM 25! ^_^ Super comfy and keeps me warm. There's a cute lil ribbon behind too. I wear this for my presentations cos it's so soft!

Like the environment at Bubbles & Bites.. But the lighting is so purple! 

Ordered Long Island Tea because water is RM 5 but comes free with any drinks wtf?

Lamb shank is tasty & soft but the couscous wasn't that great the last time so we opted for baby potatoes instead. Good choice!

Beef lasagna - just YUM! I recall this to be quite worth it for the size too =D

7) Black dress from my old blogshop LOL~ Studded bag RM 20 from Sungei Wang

I like it because of it's snake skin-like material. 

8) Green Aztec cropped top from SLS Boutique RM 16 only! They've restocked with some nice goodies so go check it out! The prices are mostly affordable.

9) RM 25 dress from Sungei Wang and wedges from Scholl RM 208 (SO COMFY!)

10) Jeggings borrowed from my mom lolz She bought it somewhere in KL?? British flag top from Sungei Wang also RM 25 but you gotta watch out.. There are 2 variants and the other is really uncomfortable to wear. Yellow shoes from Scholl RM 168~

To end this post, I'm giving away the dress/top from OOTD #7! I also have it in Silver so it's up to the winner which colour she wants. It's stretchable and quite soft. 

*** GIVEAWAY ***

Holy crap.. Pale zombie face! Take note the back of the Silver is black.

Length : 79 cm
Bust : 80 - 120 cm

Fill in the Rafflecopter to join!

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*** GIVEAWAY ***


  1. Love the brown scalloped skirt too! Nice color & pattern!
    The fur velvet top looks nice too, nx time just pretend you are a rich tai-tai! XD

  2. Love your outfits! I want to take ootd but my full lenth mirror is in a spot with no good lighting ^^;;

    <3 Sachiko

  3. Move it! xD Go outdoors =x Get a tripod or ask someone to take the shot for you


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