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Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion

Read on to find out what is this new product by Etude House and how you can win yourself one!

 Just when my cleansing oil is finishing, I get these too ^_^

Whee! It's Etude House's new Precious Mineral Any Cushion! Why 'Any'? It stands for the idea of..

Any Time
Any Where
Any One

The packaging is so girly!!~~~ I like I like.. 

Not just your regular applicator. The Any Cushion comes with an Air Puff ~

The liquid foundation is kept in this sponge cushion. Remember to close the cap back to avoid it from drying out.

Press the Air Puff on the cushion lightly to pick up the foundation. You do not need a lot! The Any Cushion is

Sunblock (SPF50+ PA+++) + Sebum powder + Moisture essence +
Whitening essence + Foundation + Cooling functions

Apply on face in patting motions rather than the usual dragging. The product claims to allow users to apply their foundation in 10 seconds and it's true! With the Air Puff and formula, it's so easy to apply. Even if you simply pat, you get a smooth, even coverage. I have no problem getting around corners of my nose or undereyes with the soft & flexible Air Puff.

With our weather here and exposure to UV light, our skin temperature goes up and we feel uneasy. Patting on Any Cushion gives you a cooling sensation which I find to be really interesting. Plus it has sebum control too.

Natural Beige W13 is way too fair for me at first but it does oxidize a little and there's a darker shade as well (Honey Beige W24). I'm not fair to begin with anyway..

Coverage is not superb but it's enough for me. You can use more on trouble areas. It can counter redness around my nose and pimples (check out the one near my eye!) as well as lighten panda eyes.

It gives my dull skin an overall glow, evening out my skintone and covering pores. I look more refreshed with the Any Cushion on. It contains Pearl Mineral Powder to give clear skin while niacin amide aims to whiten and reverse effects of the sun.

Due to my dry skin, I usually try to avoid liquid foundations as they cake up and flake terribly. I'm surprised that this didn't have that effect! Possibly because of its Hyaluronic acid content and Air Puff which doesn't absorb water. It dries like powder (except it isn't matte) and looks so natural. Feels really light on skin as well.

A liquid foundation with a mirror! =D Can easily check and touch up my makeup when I'm out. I like how it has the convenience of a powder foundation but the coverage of liquid and yet look so natural.

Tried doing aegyo sal (eyebag makeup) but it didn't require much effort since I have them naturally D=

I think I just look.. mega tired. LOL! Why lar.. Why do people find them cute?!?! Or maybe it just doesn't suit me? =/ Don't ask me to 'move' my eyebags because that's where they naturally are!

Feeling like a princess with Etude House ~

Overall, I'm impressed with this latest product by Etude House. If you have dry skin, want to reduce your makeup time or simply love pink stuff, you can give this a shot.

MY Etude House is giving 38 fans the chance to use this lovely product! Click HERE to join.
* Until 19th August

Size : 15g
Price : RM 109.90
Made in Korea

Pros : High SPF, moisturizing formula, easy to apply, comes with mirror, sufficient coverage, cute packaging, almost-matte but glowing satin finish, natural, feels light
Cons : Lighter shade is too fair for me

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. It's not yet available here in the Philippines! Arrgghh
    I can't wait :D Hahah.. it's an alternative to Laneige's snow cushion BB.
    Plus maybe Etude's version is more affordable. Oh when will it arrive?
    Btw great post and thanks for sharing!

  2. so it's actually liquid foundation that is soaked up through a sponge? but then how will you know if it's finished?

  3. Yes, the sponge has certain properties that ensures the product doesn't segregate, gives even amount on the sponge (as opposed to pouring out) etc so it's not just a normal sponge. Once the Air Puff doesn't pick up any more foundation, you have to refill

  4. Not just Laneige! Several higher end brands have this product too ^^


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