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Shopping in Wonderland

Been bag shopping for a while cos I really need a new bag.. yes I always wait until things break to buy new ones =_=" Somehow stumbled upon and found some affordable and cute bags!

Eye candy!! Love all the pastel colours~~~ 

Right.. so the purpose of this blogpost is to tell you about this awesome Mid Year Sale they're having right now. Up to 50%! 

And these are the things I have my eyes on LOL! That red Oxford satchel is so nice pls.. And the gold clutch reminds me of giraffe prints..

Then I saw this cute bag that was on sale at 50% off so it's RM 30 only omg omg omg !! A lot of their bags come with additional strap or slings for shoulder plus they close with a magnet so they're pretty practical.

I've already received my stuff and will be blogging about them soon =) In the meantime, you can check out their Facebook page to be notified of their promotions.

Be a Queen of Clubs member to enjoy free shipping and other exclusive offers.

Also, they have a 10% discount for students! Click HERE for more info.


  1. Nice bag! :D All of them look really nice. I like the blue quilted satchel one, hehe~

  2. There are a few other colours as well! That one is on discount too


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