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Jelly Pong Pong Mineral Foundation Powder SPF 15

Here's the other Jelly Pong Pong product I received from HiShop. I have already reviewed the amazing Lip Frosting HERE.

The shade I got is Medium but they also have it in Fair and Sunkissed.

Product says :
This talc-free formulation gives optimal coverage as well as moisture to your complexion so the final result is matte but not cakey. Extremely silky and sophisticated to the touch, it is formulated with a pool of different mineral which are extremely skin compatible.

Bonus: Broad spectrum sunscreen provides protection against UVA/UVB rays. Made with Vitamin E. Fragrance Free.

Here comes the problem.. And I never learn! DON'T remove all of the tape because the holes are way too big and too much product comes out. This can get pretty messy.. Either that or you can just poke holes into the tape. If it's too late, I suggest you to get a small round puff to put on top of the sift.

To get the product out, turn it upside down and tap gently. I usually turn it the right side and tap again so the product doesn't stick to the cap. Pick some foundation with your brush and swirl it in the cap to even out the powder. If there's too much on your brush, tap it on your hand to remove excess.

Tried using a Kabuki and a powder brush - I feel like a denser & firmer brush will work better since the powder flies everywheeerree.

The shade is close enough. I do like my foundations slightly lighter since they tend to get darker by the end of the day. I'm surprised as the coverage is quite good for a loose powder (well, actually its not really loose powder but you know..)

Side by side comparison.. I had a piece of Reese's chocolate with peanut butter even though I know peanuts make me break out cos you know.. I never learn.. =/ The foundation lightens them but it's quite obvious that it is unable to cover blemishes. Need concealer!

However, it can cover redness, lighten dark undereyes and even out skin tone.

Great for casual days to class or when you're just running out to grab groceries. It looks natural and you can't feel it on your skin.

Size : 6g
Price : RM 79
Made in Italy
Sold at : HiShop

** Product was provided by HiShop for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.

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