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Waiting 4 It..

It was a quiet sunny afternoon at Jaya One..

Suddenly je these bunch of people popped out with their violins and cello and started playing music in front of me. OMG is this le bf proposing? Is it really happening?!?!

But then he's somewhere in the middle of the sea fishing so nope.. lolz But we still have acapella singers to serenade us.

Then they went all Glee style and more people started crowding around, taking out their cameras and phones to snap snap snap.

Galaxy S4! 
Yes, this mini concert was organised by Samsung for their new Samsung Galaxy S4 which is coming really really soon! They even composed a song specially for the S4 and it had quite a catchy tune!

Santa Claus Galaxy S4 is coming to town..!

Can't wait for the launch of the Galaxy S4!

Meanwhile, you can check out the features HERE.

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