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Timeless Truth Collagen Bio Cellulose Mask

If you've been following me on my Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, you might have noticed my TT Mask Haul.. Not all are mine lah lol They were having super Buy 1 Free 1 promotion!

You can read my previous reviews HERE and HERE. I mentioned there that the Collagen Bio Cellulose Mask looks so interesting then they sent me one to try! I've since purchased a few more though =x

Packaging is so cute..

The mask is sandwiched by 2 net layers so it's easier to unfold it. Make sure you remove the nets before using! 

Reminds me of jelly but they say it is like chee cheong fun xD According to Suanne (of TT Mask) bio cellulose is used to help burn victims regenerate their skin faster and better!

It looks thin but it feels like a thick plump piece of Nata de Coco. It adheres really well and really just sticks on. The essence has been absorbed into the mask itself so it does not drip.

Comes with eye flaps as well! The skin around your eyes need love too, alright? Plus you don't have to buy a separate eye mask. Pop it into the fridge before using and it's soo relaxing. Especially for our ridiculously hot weather now!

Extra essence not to be wasted! TT Mask essence is special with high concentration of hyaluronic acid so make sure you don't throw it away. Simply apply it on your neck/arm/body.

Translucent mask!

Even though it looks fragile, it's actually quite tough! I couldn't even poke my fingernail through. But the areas like the eye/nose/mouth hole can be more delicate.

I quite like it! I know my panda eyes are terrible as it was a hectic week. But the rest of my face seems to be glowing. The masks adds moisture and is supposed to help with wrinkles too!

Price : RM 25/pc
Sold at : Website, MaskSlim outlets
Made in Taiwan
Facebook page

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. Wah Isabel, you're really on a mask frenzy lately! Almost every alternate post I see if mask, hahaha! XD

  2. Got so kua cheong anot.. HAHA My last mask review was on 24th of March lehh

  3. Will order this mask next time :D Shall go try out my brightening cooling mask first ^^


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