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Samsung - Always Giving Us Great Surprises

Was lepak-ing inside the Samsung outlet at Low Yat Plaza (checking out the Red Note II!) when suddenly I heard this loud music coming towards us.

A band appeared right outside the outlet!

And that guy right there is kinda cute.. =x

Woot! The whole place had a carnival feel and the crowd went craaazy.

These are the smiley smiley clowns, not the scary ones..

Had to grab a photo cos I love the costume!

For those of you who didn't get to see it, you can see my sucky video below =/

And the Galaxy S4 is launched!

Went back inside to check out the Galaxy S4 and it is such a beauty.. I just find it to be so aesthetically pleasing - fair, smooth skin, slim body and curves at the right places *melts* Although it has curves, it's still more squarish than the S3 and appeals more to me.

5 inch Full HD Super AMOLED display and octa-core processor (switches between 1.2 Quad-Core for normal usage and 1.6 Quad-Core for heavy usage). The Galaxy S4 is available in White Frost & Black Mist.

It even has a sexy back~ 13 MP camera!

My fav function? The Dual Camera! It uses both front and rear cameras together so you get to be in shots as well. Never be the photographer who gets left out of photos again! Also curious to see how 2 people camwhoring will turn out LOL

Secondly, there's this Sound & Shot function that snaps a picture then records an audio to be attached to it. Now you can really say that a picture says a thousand words xD Well.. Only if you can say 1000 words in 9 seconds.

The 3rd function I found to be super interesting is the Smart Pause. It detects the user and stops the video when you are not looking at the screen. When you turn back, it continues playing. Le bf is here to demonstrate for you xD

Then there are also other things like Air Gesture (OMG control your phone without even touching it), WatchON (infrared remote for TV etc), Adapt Display (to customise the display colour balance/brightness for each application) and more.

Thought the fun was over but as I headed out, I encountered a flashmob dancing to Psy's Gentleman!

I heard all the Galaxy S4s at Low Yat Plaza have already sold out! You can grab one for as low as RM 1,199 with a certain telco company (Whhaaattt??!!)

Check out more details about the Galaxy S4 HERE.

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  1. looks like a fun event. love the colorful, cool costumes! :D


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