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Shopping at Luxola

Basically, Luxola is a website that sells beauty products from various brands.

I got excited when I saw that they carry Sleek, something that I've wanted ever since they became popular #slowpoke The price is affordable at RM 50 per palette since there are 12 colours inside. So I got TWO! lolol Nah.. One is my sister's. Lusting over their Blush by Three (3 blushers for RM 50!) and possibly lipstick though =x

There are many other brands too but you gotta check the price cos there are some overpriced ones like the RM 50 Maybelline Hypersharp Eyeliner or the Rachel K Cosmetics. But I guess if you're from another country which doesn't carry these brands, it's understandable.. Sort of.

Anyway, shipping is free if you purchase RM 100 and above so YAY! There aren't many things I hate more than the burden of shipping fees..

21/2 - Ordered my goodies
22/2 - Parcel sent out
28/2 - Arrived at my doorstep

Nicely bubble wrapped and safe! 1 week is alright for free shipping..

Also came with a free reusable bag which looks nice enough to bring out ^_^

Another layer of bubble wrap to keep em safe cos you know.. Eyeshadows are so fragile!

Thankfully, it arrived in perfect condition, not a single dent =)

Overall, I'm quite satisfied with my order. If you're interested in getting some Sleek or other stuff, you can head to Luxola! That's my affiliate link btw =x


  1. Sleek at last eh? :D I didn't get the groupon deal because I bought mine from LivingSocial already.. :3 Still really really want Oh So Special palette..ekeke

  2. :) these eyeshadows are great! Glad you got some :)

  3. The blusher looks really cute!! I should really check this site out \(^w^)/ I'd love to see a review of the eye shadow palette~~
    <3 Rei ^3^

  4. Well, can cheat and ask someone to buy for you LOL

  5. Luxola! Last time I stalk their Sigma brushes but when I'm about to purchase to brush set, the price is higher the next day T^T

  6. didn't get my order until now because they're too busy trying to catch ppl misuing Groupons..

  7. I ordered immediately though. Maybe cos I was before the massive crowd from Groupon


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