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Mille Crepe at Humble Beginnings, Bangsar

Brother decided to try something different and got a Mille Crepe Cake for my mum's birthday from Humble Beginnings.

Freshness Guaranteed & Highest Quality
Since we only 'Make to Order', you can be rest assured that you will have bought the freshest, most luxurious Mille Crepe money can buy.

We use only the finest ingredients for your indulgence. No artificial ingredients, no
preservatives, no additives. Instead real vanilla pods (not the bottled extracts), real
custard (not the powder + water concoction), best chocolates, best creams, best
cheeses, freshest fruit, the list goes on ...

Quality you can literally taste.

Mmm.. Look at all those layers. Took le parents a while to accept that this is a cake worth buying.

The one here is French Vanilla.

Our signature flavour infused with vanilla, light, subtle, not overly-creamy,
not overly-sweet but oh ... so yummy!!!

After hearing so many good comments on this cake, I was honestly a tiny bit disappointed. The cake was very tasty with it's strong egg & vanilla taste. You could feel every layer on your tongue and every mouthful coaxed you into having another bite. However, it turned out a bit harder than I would like, possibly been in the fridge for too long.

Price ranges from RM 72 to RM 104, depending on size and topping (this one here was RM 92). There are 15 toppings to choose from including Peanut Butter Blueberry, Reese's Pieces and Fresh Strawberries. They also have delivery service (RM 15) which is awesome! Looking at their menu, I'm greatly tempted to give the others a shot.

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  1. That looks soooo delicious! I don't think I've seen anything like this before.. *slurp!

  2. Oh? It was the craze here! Hasn't exactly died down

  3. It looks SO GOOD. And whoever's birthday: Happy birthday ^_^


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