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Compilations of some of my foooood and fav places to eat. Extracted these from my reviews at OpenRice for their latest contest where winners walk away with iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy Camera, Samsung 32" Full HD LED TVs, PS3s and tonnes of vouchers! With the vouchers you can eat your heart out at Pizza Hut, Plan B & Watami or head for some fine dining or shopping! The best part is you are guaranteed a prize as long as you submit a minimum of 5 reviews as it works on an 'exchange points for prize' basis. I look at it as an RM 2+ rebate for everything I eat and review. Click HERE for more info.

Syed Bistro
13 & 14, Jalan Barat, Petaling Jaya 46300
I've always preferred the sup daging here as the chef is very generous with the amount of
celery, giving the soup a lighter and greener taste (still favourful) compared to many other places where the soup is murky and tastes very meaty. Don't mistaken the green chilli as celery though! The spicy and sour-ish soup is a great appetite opener. I can have this alone with a plate of rice as it has lots of meat inside as well. Costs RM 8 for soup and rice.


Do NOT place in freezer in an attempt to save melted ice as it ruins the taro balls!

This is the newest addition to the menu at Snowflake. The ice is black sesame ice which tastes great since I love black sesame. It's much more compact & creamy compared to the Bestseller cincau ice and feels more like ice cream than ice. The pink beetballs are sweet and chewy, very delightful to eat while the green tea ones are very heavy with the taste of green tea. Overall, it's a yummy combination and well worth my RM7+

Stall No 48, SS2 Wai Sek Kai

If you order from this guy during meal times, you will see him frying non stop! He also sells fried kuey teow but I like his fried glass noodle. You will find lots of big fat prawns inside (fresh every time) along with juicy bean sprouts, sausage and cockles. You HAVE to eat it spicy or else it will be tasteless but if you can't take spicy food, you can ask him for less spicy. Portion is great for RM 4.50.

Curry Laksa @ Restoran Sun Hin Loong
65, Jalan SS2/64, Petaling Jaya 47300

I don't normally eat spicy food but this is an exception! It tastes best with 'lai fun' (the noodle you see here). Curry isn't too spicy but it's very full of taste. As you go through the bowl, you will notice that they are quite generous with the amount of bean sprouts, chicken, calamari and 'tofu pok'. However, there has been several occasions where the squid wasn't very fresh. Didn't stop me from returning though! It's simply too delish!

Mekong House Restaurant
LG 2-5, Syopz @ The Boardwalk, Taylor's Lakeside Campus, No.2, Jalan Taylor's, Subang Jaya, Subang Jaya, 47500

I wasn't very impressed with an earlier dish I had here but the chicken chop with rice was recommended by a friend. At RM 13.90, it's not something I would have often. The chicken is fantastic! It's still juicy and tender and tasted like teriyaki. A sweet-sour sauce is provided which amps up the taste but I think the chicken already tastes great on its own. Soup's not bad and rice was slightly too hard. They forgot my friend's order as the place is quite busy so make sure to remind the waiter.

Star Teh Tarik Restaurant
LG1-11, Syopz @ The Boardwalk, Taylor's Lakeside Campus, No.2, Jalan Taylor's, Subang Jaya 47500

We all know that a good mamak is the perfect place to hang out here in Malaysia! There IS another mamak in Taylor's but this one has a more 'authentic feel' to it. Service is not awesome due to the number of customers but food arrives quite fast. My Maggi goreng was in a reasonable portion and tasted good (love it with more lime!) but the 'teh tarik' tasted like regular teh ais and there wasn't any foam in it at all! In fact, another drink my friend ordered tasted like teh ais as well.

Old Town White Coffee @ Taylor's Lakeside

This place is quite popular among the students here at Taylor's Lakeside campus. The nasi lemak sambal sotong is one of my top orders. The dish is fragrant, the sambal is not too spicy, ikan bilis is crunchy and cucumber slices are fresh. There was once that the sambal sotong was weird though. Cooked sotong was placed on the dish and sambal poured over it. The sotong was not already in sambal so it was quite tasteless.

You have about 2 months so eat ALL the food!

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