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Integrating Disqus Into Blogger Mobile

I've only recently discovered that Disqus does NOT show up on the mobile versions of my blog which explains why some comments have been going to my normal Blogger commenting system, which I've already replaced with Disqus.

It is really annoying as I can't reply to these and they aren't visible on the page. To include Disqus on the mobile Blogger, just follow these simple steps!

1) Head to the Template section. **Backup your current template** You can preview your mobile blog by clicking on the gear on the right. Click "Edit HTML".

2) Press Ctrl+F and search for 'Disqus'. It should look something like this.

3) Add in ( mobile='yes' ) without the ( )

4) Save your template and view your blog on both desktop and mobile mode to make sure it's alright.

Not even hard, right? =) Enjoy!


  1. I was wondering why I would have 'disappearing' comments sometimes! Thanks for this, I'm implementing it now ^^

  2. big thanks to you, sugar girl! I think i can makes advertisement appear on mobile too :D

  3. Didn't think of that! but then mobile is small enough.. I'd probably not put ads into mine haha

  4. luckily, my ads broker give me option to use their small format of ads. and i just got way to set it shown on mobile only... >> mobile='only'
    it just work! you should try that :D

  5. This is what I needed, good thing I stumbled upon this one.

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