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Ma Cherie Hair Oil

Haircare doesn't stop at shampoo, conditioner or treatment. Make sure your locks are taken care of with the Ma Cherie Hair Oil.

Love the sparkly pink bottle with sharp edges which reminds me of a cut gem. Design is so elegant yet princessy and girly!

The bottle not just looks good but works great as well. Pump is very smooth and easy to press. Comes with a plastic lock so no accidents on your beauty table! One pump is too much for my hair.. Think half pump is just perfect. The oil is very watery so it's easy to spread and you need less ;) If you're applying on wet hair you'll need more though.

Will this serum tame my dry and unruly hair??

Pump out an appropriate amount on palm. Breath in the amazing sweet scent of the serum. Spread between your palms and apply to hair. Scrunch if your hair is wavy/curly. Smell your fragrant hair! The floral fruity scent is so good, I actually sniff my hair several times a day lol

See the results for yourself! The Ma Cherie Hair Oil immediately tames my hair, giving it extra shine, smooth waves (it will make curls more pronounced) and a scent that will leave men following your trail. Also, it seemed to bring out the colour of my hair!

No oily/lumpy/tangled hair after~ The Hair Oil can protect hair from heat and friction from all the abuse you give it using styling tools. It's also really light so it doesn't weigh hair down.

Hair's under control now and I'm ready to go on a date ;)

Something I noticed.. If you apply this on damp hair, the taming effect is even better but I want more volume and to enhance my waves so dry is more suitable for me.

Apart from the Hair Oil (RM 39.90), Ma Cherie also has an Aqua Dew Energy Ex (RM 42.90) which is a gel-type leave in conditioner that fights frizz and dry hair without leaving any sticky/oily feeling. It is more suitable for thinner hair.

After pampering your tresses with sufficient protection and moisture, you can proceed to hairstyling to ensure your hair looks great and smells great all day long with these Perfect Showers (RM 39.90).

Perfect Shower Moist - Provides additional moisture to hair
Perfect Shower Smooth - Water-based mist for lighter, lustrous and healthier straight hair
Perfect Shower Wave - Makes curls livelier and more defined

Good things are meant to be shared, not kept as secrets so keep an eye out for Ma Cherie and share your experiences with me!

Price : RM 39.90
Size : 60 ml
Sold at : Selected Guardian & Wellness AEON
Made in Japan

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. Is it bad that I want to get this because it's so decorative? Even if it weren't a good product >_> shame on me, lol. At least you like it, so it might even give me an excuse to order it ^_^

  2. LOL I think it's a perfect excuse to want something xD!

  3. Sabrina Tajudin07 January, 2013 23:49

    Every princess need this hair care range!

  4. I wish I can find a place that sells this near where I'm living! >u< I really need something like this.

  5. Could always buy online but the shipping wouldn't be worth it D=

  6. Those products look great! I ordered a treatment line too, Pro naturals moroccan argan oil treatment system, soooo moisturizing.

  7. Oh yes, I've heard of the wonders of Moroccan Argan Oil but they do come with a price

  8. thank u for the info , looks nice, I use another good hair oil, it's the one from pro naturals too and it has helped me a lot. :D

  9. The love the bottle, so girlish~

  10. Love to seeing this hair oil, Every angel want this product to using. Thank you for sharing and such a nice blog you posted. keep posting.

    Mira Hair Oil Reviews

  11. This is available in Malaysia??oh yeah!!i'm going to grab them!

  12. Yes! Heard they are coming to Guardian soon

  13. hopefully to the most guardian..:D


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