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Luview Crystal Cover BB Cream

I've seen several Luview reviews around but never got to try it. Thanks to Kim for this mini sample!

I am not sure what shade mine is as it's not written. The Luview Crystal Cover BB Cream goes on smoothly and feels light on skin.

The BB Cream offers UV protection of SPF 30, whitening and wrinkle improvement. I know the colour looks too fair here but it'll oxidize in a bit.

It effectively covers redness, pores and blackheads around my T zone. As you know, I have dry skin and this was still acceptable with minimal flaking. Probably works well with a hydrating base!

Coverage is quite good considering the fact that it feels so light. It managed to even out my skin tone, making blemishes less angry and also lightening my dark eye circles.

I like the overall effect of this BB Cream. It gives me a brightened complexion and offers good enough coverage (I still apply concealer for my extreme panda eyes).

Unlike so many other BB creams, it doesn't give me a ghostly white face (plus it's available in 2 shades!) nor make my skin extra oily. Worth a try if you're a fan of BB creams.

Price : $25.20
Sold at : HERE
Made in Korea


  1. Definitely a great one! I see coverage and brightening without making you look gray or unnatural, yet to hear about this brand!

  2. Woah~ The brightening (especially around the eye area) looks super promising! Thanks for sharing~

  3. Awesome review! ^_^ I haven't tried this one yet, but now I want to


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