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K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h WP (Brown)

I've heard about this eyeliner since some time ago but just got the chance to try it recently. I chose Brown since I already have Black liners. It's one of those with the thing inside which you can shake to distribute the ink. I can't even begin to describe how addictive it is! Shake shake shake shake.. xD

Excuse my wrinkly hand... =/ With this brush, I'm able to draw thin to thick lines and it's easy to control if I want it to go on lightly or heavily. The ink goes on smoothly and dries fast.

I especially love it for it's brown colour as it's less harsh. As I have to draw quite a thick line in order for it to be visible, brown looks way more natural.

With this, I'm able to create precise, sharp and more natural looking eyeliners ^_^

Love it! There aren't as many brown eyeliners in the market compared to black so this is a good product to buy (RM 59.90).

Some other K-Palette products I've used :
** I did not buy the product. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. i have one similar to this and I really like the brown! It isn't as dramatic as black.

  2. I wanted to see a review of this brown color for a long time (with good photos) so this is awesome ^_^

    I liked this review so I shared it with my beauty community at

  3. Thanks! ^_^ Been using the eyeliner frequently since I got it

  4. Oooh brown!! :D I love brown liners more than black these days.

  5. what brown liners have you tried?

  6. Really like the color and finish of this...I have like you easier access to this brand here in singapore! I really have heard nothing but good reviews, am looking for other eyeliner brands to try from, thanks for reviewing!

  7. Oh!! They have in brown!! I nee to try it!! *^*

  8. Yesss! Seriously lacking in brown eyeliners. Beauty companies need to make more brown ones!


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