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Lovemore My Melody Oil Free Whitening 3D Fitting Mask

You might have seen my previous review on the Lovemore My Melody Oil Free Moisturizing 3D Fitting Mask. Well, this is the pink one! It's just too cute... Thanks to for letting me try this ^_^

The mask is made with water from France (feel the French water splashing on your face! xD) and contains Vitamin C + Buddleja to provide antioxidant protection

I'm going to be more thorough this time and show you more photos! As it is a 3D mask, it is different from normal facial masks which you simply slap on. First, apply like usual, making sure the eye, nose and mouth holes are positioned properly. This should not be a problem since the chin will provide guidance.

Notice this extra flap at the bottom? Pull it towards your ears and press. It should stay there for the entire 20 minutes without slipping off.

The mask wraps comfortably around your chin and jaw region, keeping all the essence inside and enhancing absorption!

Not only is it very moist, doesn't drip/slip but it also smells incredibly good! Love the scent of sweet strawberries ^_^

After 20 minutes of strawberry paradise, I had soft smooth skin like tofu. Except this tofu had a slight glow to it! Lots of extra essence but it absorbs well with some patting (non-sticky).

Oh one more thing.. I thought it was clear enough but just in case.. The side with the seams (arrow) faces outside lol

Do 'Like' LoveMore Malaysia on Facebook as once they reach 200 fans, they will be giving away 5 boxes of masks!

Size : 35 ml
Price : RM 10.24 (now at RM 7.62!)
Sold at : Watson's &
Made in Taiwan

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.

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