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Silkygirl Ice Cream Lip Pot SPF 15

Isn't this just adorable? I received this together with the BB 2-WayPowder + Foundation, Eye Love Handbag and Big Eye Collagen Waterproof Mascara. Personally, I LOVE ice cream and this lip balm promises 6 hours of moisture. Also contains Vitamin E & SPF 15 to protect your lips.

Product says

The moment I opened the packaging, I was hit by a wave of sweet smelling berries. Continued to sniff it for 5 seconds =x It comes in a small lil tub with a screw on lid.

Omggg! Seriously?! Why do people make these cute stuff then force us to ruin it? =/

The top was kinda hard but as I continued to use the product, it turns more creamy and gives a slightly creamy white colour.  

I was having a 'really bad lip day', with hard and dry flakes. I applied the Ice Cream Lip Pot in the picture on the right. The hard flakes immediately softened and were later removed ^_^ My lips felt so much better later that day even though all the lip balm has probably disappeared.

There are also 2 other variants available: Strawberry Vanilla and Chocolate Vanilla! It's a limited edition product btw. 

Size : 10 g
Made in Taiwan

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. the packaging is really cute >.<

  2. I didn't get the swirly ones.. sad sad day

  3. Oh! Is yours a fruity one?!?! I think that's better isn't it? I think I saw watermelon T_T


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