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Refilling my Empro Triangular Brow Pencil

So my beloved Empro Triangular Brown Pencil finally finished after more than a year. It's the first product that convinced me that I CAN draw my own brows.

Thankfully, I got the value pack which comes with a refill.

It is amazingly easy to refill your pencil! Pull the lead out, replace it with the new one and push it in until you hear a loud click. The lead will be held securely if you hear a click.

Twist the lead up to make sure it's working well and you're done! You're reusing the pen so remember to wash the brush side once in a while too!

It's no puzzle as to why I've been using this regularly until I finished it. I started using it since before I even knew how to draw my eyebrows. All those swatches on the left came from the same pencil. You can easily go from a light brush of colour to full on brown. The triangular/teardrop shape also makes it a breeze to fill in my brows. Love!


  1. Might be considering this as my Lancome eyebrow pencil is going to finish, thanks for sharing!

  2. Ahhh. WooOoOwwWW. That has got to be the most range/variety I have ever seen with just one pencil/brush. <3 And adding the refill seems pretty simple. o:

    If I ever have to start filling in my brows, I will ~defintiely~ look for this product first.


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