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Schwarzkopf Extra Care Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

I was told to get an anti dandruff shampoo by the stylist at the salon so I dropped by Watson's and casually grabbed one.

This Schwarzkopf Extra Care Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is supposed to fight dandruff while repairing my hair. My main concern about anti-dandruff shampoo is that they will dry out my already horrendous hair so this sounded promising.

'With liquid keratin' hmm.. Not sure what I think of that but as long as it works, right?

Product says :

It lathers fairly easily and smells alright. Compared to some other shampoos, this isn't as harsh on my hair.  My scalp is definitely less itchy and oily now but the difference isn't major. Still have dandruff (or rather buildup on my scalp since they don't 'fly' out). Then another stylist told me that it's not dandruff but rather my sensitive scalp trying to protect itself. So.. I should NOT be using dandruff shampoo? =/

Ingredients :

Size : 175 ml
Price : RM 12.90
Bought from : Watson's
Made in China


  1. i have itchy scalp problems too but i just try to use natural shampoos with no harsh ingredients and it seems to be helping

  2. not totally sure but keratin is really good for hair cause apparently our hair is made out of keratin or something? most new hair products now have it from what i've seen :)

  3. I have the same problem as you, my hairstylist also said it was sensitive scalp >.<

  4. Oh no~~ Have you found a solution?

  5. Well, our skin contains collagen but applying collagen on it doesn't help. Certain shampoos only have a temporary effect by filling in the spaces and coating hair in something. Wonder if they actually repair or just make hair appear healthier.

  6. Cool! Will try it out when I'm done with my current shampoos.


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