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Kanebo Blanchir Superior White Deep Milky Conditioner

I've only used drugstore brands before this but soon I discovered that I couldn't find a cheap moisturizer that suits my skin so I got this at over RM 100. Can't recall the exact price.

This range focuses on whitening and moisturizing. You can read more on this product HERE.

Product says : Retains the moisture-maintaining abilities of stratum corneum, to bring out brighter, clearer skin. Cosmeceutical brightening and moisturizing emulsion.

The bottle is a rich red mixed with white and silver. Feels pretty luxurious. Silver cap attracts fingerprints like mad!

Since the milky conditioner is pretty watery, the big dispenser hole is highly inappropriate. Can get messy and it's hard to control the amount.

About 2cm diameter of product is recommended. This amount is enough for my face.

This is the way to apply and massage your face with the milky conditioner.

It spreads very efficiently leaving a dewy trail. Continue blending until it is fully absorbed.

One thing I love about this milky conditioner is that it does not leave behind any shine, stickiness or make me oil up faster. My skin is powdery smooth, supple and hydrated. Just what I'm looking for! It also smells lovely~ You can give this a try if you feel that your current moisturizer is too oily yet doesn't penetrate deep into your skin to moisturize the inner layers.

I use this after the Clear Conditioner (lotion) for Double Moisturizing. According to Kanebo, thoroughly moisturizing skin prevents foreign objects (such as microbes and germs) from entering and protects the skin from external stimulation (such as UV rays), supporting the skin barrier functions.

Size : 100 ml
Made in Japan

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