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Fixing Weirdly Coloured Food Pics

I am no professional photographer. I guess you can say I'm the kind who just shoots and snaps xP Hate bad lighting and super yellow indoor lighting! After numerous colour corrections through Photoshop (I'm also not very good at it lol), this is the kind of photo I sometimes get:

As you can see, it has that annoying red tint to it that makes it look so noob. Obviously I'm doing something wrong somewhere lol But then I found an easier 'cheating way'. I realized that in the case of Black or White plates, they're the ones showing the ugly discolouration. Hence, I used selective colour, picked Black and altered the colour (reduce red). Ta-da!

Don't they just look better now? xD I know it's not the proper way but meh.. A quick solution for lazy people =x


  1. haha simple and easy, but it brightens up the photo by a lot!

  2. ah the food looks yummy ^^

  3. Wooo the food looks delicious weh. Have you tried the Mei tu xiu xiu? It's quite an amazing app also.

  4. Is that a Chinese app? I can't read Mandarin =(


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