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Maybelline Baby Lips (Smoothing Cherry)

Super slowpoke with this.. I bought this quite some time ago but wanted to finish my current lip balm before opening it. And it finally finished! Like after an eternity..

Instant 8 hour moisture and rejuvenated lips in one week?? And it has SPF 20 too to protect your lips from the sun.

Cute packaging.. But the cover isn't the easiest to open. It smells heavily of sweet cherries which I think is a bit too much. I can get used to it though.

This lip balm glides easily over my lips and sorta melts on it. Love lip balms with shea butter! Apparently the Centella Essence is supposed to reduce fine lines while increasing elasticity & suppleness too! It's quite moisturizing and probably better than the tinted one.

I wouldn't say it lasted me 8 hours though.. I had to reapply after every meal, even a snack. Probably if I didn't move my lips it would last 8 hours lol

Ingredients :

Size : 4g
Price : RM 10.90
Bought from : Pharmacy
Made in China

Pros : Moisturizing, applies smoothly, reduces lip lines
Cons : Scent too heavy, cover can be a bit tricky to open

My conclusion : Overall, I think this is a good lip balm. When I apply it, my lips are smoother and more hydrated. Only wish it had less scent.


  1. I see the difference :) I cannot live without lip balm haha I think I am addicted to the feeling of them on my lips.

  2. Arpita Mohanty12 June, 2012 10:31

    I have this....Its moisturising but cant use often because of the scent...Its too heavy :(

  3. Aisyahdecullen12 June, 2012 12:49

    Only bought it for the packaging XD agree with u on the strong smell.. But it is indeed moisturizing!

  4. Maybe I should open it and let it 'air' lolz Wonder if that would work

  5. With this, I keep smacking my lips and rubbing them together =_=" I think in the end it's doing more damage then good lmao

  6. haha that's OK I waited for my previous lip balm to finish like 70% of it before I tried mine as well=) check out my review here:


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