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I Like Them Buffed

As I have promised myself.. This is the first item I used from Golly Lock's parcel: the 4 step nail buffer.

I was previously blown away by the Nail Tek crystal nail file which the shop assistant said can also be used on the nail surface but I think this is better at that.

If you think my middle finger looks strangely better, that's cos I already did that finger =/

Really sad nails.. (except the middle one of course)

Shape your nails using the nail file. This one here is very fast because it's coarse. Coarse files have been associated with nail breakage/peeling but I didn't experience that. I do get it from using metal nail files though.

Step 1 : Rough nail buffer is used to smooth out the ridges etc. See the 'lines' on my nails disappeared. Now it's smooth but ugly and matte. Don't be rough with this! You don't wanna thin your nails too much.

Step 2 : Medium nail buffer is gentler and smoother. Kinda like fine tuning what has been done in Step 1.

Step 3 : This is where the magic happens. This surface is the smoothest and makes your nails shine like crazy! Looks like I applied top coat or something ^_^

I never knew natural nails can look so good! It's great to give my nails a break from nail polish once in a while.

** I won the product from a giveaway. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. but the shininess won't stay long :( 

  2. Well, after a week it's still a bit shiny haha.. At least my nails got a week's rest? @_@


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