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Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter (Lollipop)

Slowpoke review on this.. =_=" And.. It's my birthday today! 2 classes cancelled so I can come home early and post this lol

Just like the Colorburst Lipstick, it has quilted design on the cover. This one's cover goes almost all the way down though. The colour of the cap reflects the colour of the lipstick itself.

The one I have is in Lollipop. I got it randomly from a box of goodies. The kind that you poke your arm in and grab a random one, hoping there's no creepy insects/snake/bug/whatever-gross-stuff inside? I was hoping for a different shade though. From experience, purple doesn't work for me.

The swatches absolutely scared me =/ "There is no way I'm wearing this"

Well, I guess I judged it too quickly but I was not entirely wrong either. This is Lollipop patted gently on the middle of my lips. I love the effect here although I look paler in this photo. YES, I know my eyes are creepily huge lol

Applied lightly all over my lip, it's beginning to show it's purple colour. Still pretty wearable I guess.

After a 3rd layer, the colour is just too intense for me. Darker colours tend to make me look older =( Some say it's just because I'm not used to wearing colour on my lips.

I didn't find it to be as moisturizing as I expected but it isn't drying. Looks better with gloss.

I wouldn't get any of the other shades available here in Malaysia but some of the 20 shades available in other countries look fabulous!
Size : 0.09 oz / 2.55 g
Price : RM 20+
Made in USA

** I won the product from a lucky draw and did not pay for it. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. I agree with your friend; I think you're just not used to wearing colours like this, haha! I must say that it looks good on you no matter how you wear it. :) I was hoping for Sweet Tart to be available in Malaysia, but it wasn't. T___T So i got Strawberry Shortcake instead. =X

    Check out my review here:

  2. Looks okay on your fair skin! My skin is way too yellow and dark. I tried the NYX Strawberry Milk and it looked so so bad =_="

  3. angelvalerie23 May, 2012 00:20

    I like Strawberry Shortcake better because I thought it looks sweeter. Yeah, on the third layer it's intense but I don't know why I like red lips, it's much more intense than anything!

  4. don't like the rich pigmentation it has? I'm dying for deep pinks and red shades in this line! I hope you get use out of it, nonetheless!

  5. I'm more of a nude-ish girl hahaha.. Lipstick wise, that is.. Not naked nude =/

  6. I actually think it looks really good on you, even/especially the bright, layered look!

  7. Guess I just need to get used to it then! =)


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