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NOTD : I'm Watching You

Inspiration :
Friend : I just cut my nails. So now they're BARE and staring at me like "come at me bro!"

Me : I just had chicken with kunyit so now they're like YELLOW and staring at me

Btw, 'kunyit' is tumeric I think. It really stains my nails and was turning my pink polish ORANGE.

So now they are literally staring at me. Well, not exactly literally since they are not alive and those 'eyes' aren't functional..

Fooling around with my new 'friends' lol

Dotting tool is not needed for this. I just used the nail polish brush itself to place a roundish blob and a black nail art pen. You can use a needle or anything sharp too. Quite fool proof, really. And I gotta admit, eyes on your nails are darn cute!


  1. That his hella cute~

  2. Shanee Chandar19 May, 2012 04:19

    DAMN CUTE!! :D

  3. HAHA These totally just say "I see youuuuu~" Love the googly eyes!

  4. can't get over how cute this is! I wana try it some time hehe~


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