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My 21st

Like oh noooo I'm 21 already and I have not achieved much in my life besides having this blog that I have no idea why you all are reading lolz It amazes me seeing some people who have their whole life planned out or just know what to do. So successful at such a young age. I follow @feeqsays on Twitter and he's constantly tweeting about business meetings, proposals (not the marriage kind, mind you), shoots etc and I'm here watching TV eating Honey Stars =/

I shall now proceed to shove Instagram pics into this post. Strange how 80 people are interested in seeing the crappy photos I post lolol

First bday cake from boyfie ^_^ He sneaked down to grab it while I was playing game. Thought I wouldn't notice? Pfft... You underestimated me..

We went prawning and caught 1.5kg of prawns. It should last us 4 meals =/

Dinner at Vary Pasta. Totally reminded of that annoying lady from Valentine's!!!

Lamb shank RM 30 or so

Steak about the same price? lol Bf was supposed to meet his sister so she was like 'why dinner so long? eating steak meh?!' and he replied "yeah it's Isabel's birthday. I am REALLY eating steak" hahahaha!

Fishing out all the capsicum for him =_=

Surprise from classmates. Sneaky sneaky..

They gave me a pink polka dot umbrella which I feel so much better having in my bag now LOL I used to always hope it wouldn't rain in college or I won't be able to get to my car so they always joked about getting me an umbrella for my birthday haha! Yan-Y you are so getting a water bottle for yours!

Marian got me another Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Recipe *getting sick of cake* lol

Crochet 'nail polish' from sis. Seriously LOL when I saw it.

Paradigm Mall opened!! I wish to have a shoe closet that looks like this in the future =x

Got a pair of pink shoes from Payless Shoesource there for RM 39.

4th cake x.x But this is mille crepe from Dreamz Bakery. Yay! Finally know how mille crepe tastes like ^_^ Thanks to Adelyn & Marian~

Om Nom! Won from Window's fair in college. But my bf kidnapped it.

The wait is over! I'm not a hardcore player (in fact, I feel so nooby looking at how fast people level up wtf) but the game is quite fun.

Most manja dog in the world! (Doesn't every owner say that of their own dogs? lol)

This one comes with a story. When my grandpa was still alive, we used to have reunion dinners at this big restaurant but after he passed, dinners weren't the same anymore and soon the restaurant itself closed down. After some years, my uncle managed to find the head chef who was cooking at Pudu Plaza and got all of us down there for dinner. This is the specialty lobster dish (so awesome looking, the other tables turned around to take pics lmao). Details of the restaurant and my grandpa are scarce in my memory but I do remember this dish #nostalgic The shop is located in the basement, beside the snooker centre & arcade.

Awesome Roasted Potato (RM 10) from Backofen, Taylor's Lakeside.

The papaya tree that I didn't even know existed in my garden until someone asked me about it. Shall look at my garden more.

Seriously thankful to everyone who made my birthday a good one =)

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  1. Happy belated birthday to you! :) It looks like you had a great day. So many tasty looking food and so much cake, haha. ;D

  2. happy birthday hun!!!! looks like you had a lovely celebration. and HAHAHA the crochet np is adorable!!!! i love it!

  3. The shoes looked great! I wore my pink shoes from there today and it caught some attention xD


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