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A Must Read, Especially for Women

After my post on taxis the other day, my Facebook was bombarded with the story of Chin Xin-Ci.

Read HERE. Basically, it's her account of how she got kidnapped at Curve on a Sunday at 5.22 pm. I liked Curve and always thought that it's quite safe. It's not even in the middle of the night! The story was indeed an eye opener and a warning to everyone who read it.

I realized how lucky I was to not be so naive or perhaps I could have shared her fate or even worse. Not sure if I would have the strength and courage to escape like her.

No matter your age or gender, please be careful & more alert at all times. Take care of yourself and your family.


  1. Wow scary.. I frequent the Curve quite a lot.. T_T

  2. It's sad that people like these can invoke fear in the population. :-(

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  4. Oh wow. :/ That's certainly eye-opening.  It's a good reminder for people to ALWAYS be vigilant, no matter where they are.


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