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Ikuzo Ramen SS2

*Read on my second visit HERE

Got to know about this place from a blog who gave it good reviews. In fact, a few bloggers (I assume invited for food review) gave positive feedback.

Description from FB page : 

"We are here to start a new revolution. A ramen revolution. Our dream is to bring high quality yet affordable ramen to all the people.

We make everything ourselves using only fresh ingredients and absolutely no added MSG. Soup is made from hours of boiling pork and chicken bones. Noodles are made using super nutritious rye flour. Only the best ramen ingredients pass our stringent taste test.

Ramen for the people. Let the ramen revolution begin!"

The place is furnished with wooden furniture (booth seats or table with stools). The moment we sat down, we immediately noticed one thing. Flies are in abundance! We spent half the time waving our arms about the table, trying to get rid of them.

Okay, maybe the food's just too good until even the flies love it. I loved their idea of healthy noodles. Oops btw it says high iron, protein, calcium, vitamin Bs & E and fiber. You can choose between the 4 types of noodle.

My Oiran Champon Ramen looked really yummy but it tasted really meh.. The noodle was like overcooked Maggi mee and the soup didn't really have much taste. Worst part? The crab meat was sour! It was probably spoiled =_=" We complained to them and they didn't even do anything. Wonder if they continued serving it..

Crab meat in the Tom Yum Ramen was the same. My friend's younger sister took one bite and spat it out.

Yakiniku Ramen was alright.. Looked way better in the menu though. Isn't that always the case lol

Overall, I'm pretty disappointed in this place. Will not return..

Address : 52, Jalan SS2/61, Petaling Jaya, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor (Beside McD's)
Phone number : 03-7865 3254
Facebook page :
E-mail :
Operating hours : Mon - Sun, 10.30 - 23.00


  1. Aww that sucks >:( especially after seeing good reviews to have a bad experience like that. I understand if it is say... One, or even two flies but really? For you to notice that right off the bat too :(

  2. There were more flies than a roadside stall! I left a comment on their FB and they said an exterminator is on the way

  3. Ramen looks so delicious... but the flies are dirty... that is so sad...

  4. Tried once, the noodle have alkaline taste >.<

  5. LOOKS but isn't =( I'd rather have something that looks like shit but tastes like unicorns

  6. Bleh..! Hope they improve drastically or else they won't last long.


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