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Vignette for Camwhoring

Today, I'm gonna talk about an app on my Android (Samsung SII). Sometimes when I don't bring my camera out, I take shots using my phone and alter them with photography apps.

This is my fav, Vignette Demo. If I'm not mistaken, it's a demo version but it's sufficient! I think the Pay to Use version allows you to save in bigger dimensions or something. Primary shots are max 480 x 640 while secondary camera ones are 300 x 400 pixels.

Let me show you why you need this xD

It makes you instantly chio-er even when you look crappy! I was so exhausted that day and this was taken without makeup. The app erases blemishes & panda eyes, brightens your complexion and just does the right things to make you look better.

IKR... You should feel cheated now hahaha!

You can add different effects to your photos. Super Dreamy is a customized one. It consists of extra vignette, soft-focus halo & overexpose.

Another example. I customized Colourize with a white frame cos I thought it'll give it a vintage look. Fail! The size is also a lil different from the rest. Normal already has mild vignette effect (app is called Vignette afterall).

There are also many camera controls like flash, timer, secondary camera etc so it's awesome! One of my favourite features is the 'tap to shoot' function! I always have trouble finding the on screen shoot button when I'm camwhoring with the primary camera but with this, I can simply press any where ^_^


  1. Wow, if only I could get that to translate to everyday life. :-)

  2. I love these effects! But I don't have a smart phone .___. but this is going to change soon harharhar LOL!

  3. nice one..i wish i have same phone like yours..乂⍲‿⍲乂

  4. LOL! smart phones are really handy these days. Facebook, Twitter, Emails (multiple ones omg), Blogger etc all in one small gadget. Don't even have to turn on my computer if it's not to edit pictures. And actually I have PS on my phone too but u knw.. The quality can't be compared to my comp of course

  5. oh yes. the effekts make those pics very nice and cool.

  6. Oh your phone is pretty cool! 


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