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Stage Keep It Clean Brush Cleaner

Makeup brushes contain lots of bacteria, bacteria cause pimples, dirty eyeshadow brushes cause eye infections bla bla bla.. We've heard these before but sometimes we're just so lazy to clean our brushes or it's just not possible to wash them everyday.

Introducing the solution for lazy makeup brush users! xP This bottle is a daily brush cleaner. You can use it to clean your brushes after/before using or between different eyeshadow colours.

For small brushes, I moisten a tissue paper/serviette with it.

For bigger or fluffier ones, I spray it directly on the brush & massage it a lil. Then I wipe it on the serviette.

The makeup should come off easily on the serviette. Use a wiping and dabbing motion (not too hard though! You don't want your brushes to fan out). Repeat until no residue comes off on the serviette.

And there you have it! Clean brushes ^_^

It's also important to clean your brush holders & covers.. Btw, this is only a mild cleaner. It's still recommended to wash your brushes properly at least once a week. I like to use the Daiso Sponge Cleaner for that.

Size : 160 ml
Bought from : Stage

Pros : Easy to use, works well at cleaning, no residue
Cons : -

My conclusion : Really handy! I clean my brushes with this after applying eyeshadow and sometimes when my blusher/foundation brush looks dirty. I wouldn't recommend cleaning it before applying your makeup since it's a bit moist.

** Product was given by Nicole


  1. Does this stuff dry quickly? I am looking for a brush cleaner to use between clients, I need the brushes to be clean and dry quickly before I can use them on another girl. :)

  2. sounds great, would love to try it. and yeah, i'm also so lazy when it comes to cleaning and often forget how important that is.

  3. thank you for sharing about this,it's really helpful..(‐^▽^‐)

  4. Well, I don't really spray a lot (a couple of spritz is enough unless it's black/thick eyeliner) so it's only a little moist looking.

  5. This is such a good and useful product! I didn't know it existed. I agree that it's not sanitary to have your makeup brushes just full of dirt/bacteria. This product seems like a lifesaver! 

    ~Zabrinah[your everyday girl,writing about guys]

  6. This looks so easy and nice! I've been looking for a good blush cleanser myself. :o I will give it a try!

  7. Thankyou for the review. The product looks so handy for cleaning your brushes quickly! Less drying time as well.

  8.  When I get lazy I clean my brushes on wet wipes or biore eye make up removing wipes! I prefer to wash them properly with mild soap, brush cleanser might make me slack off on proper cleaning! thanks for sharing! :)

  9. angelvalerie198502 April, 2012 16:02

    I love this brush cleanser too. I bought like 4 bottles the last time Stage had sales. LOLX!

  10. xD True! I find it a waste to use a whole wipe for my brushes since I sometimes only clean one eyeshadow brush (I can't stand putting a 'colourful' brush back into my brush bag).


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