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The Lifesized Barbie

Recently, I've been seeing photos if this girl on Facebook and she's just WOW! The resemblance with a real Barbie doll is creepy.

This is Valerie Lukyanova.

Now I see many people saying it's Photoshop, plastic surgery yada yada yada.. Whatever. Just enjoy the photos and gawk at her Barbie-ness.

wtf her waist is so tiny!

Am I the only one who stared at the couch lines to see if there's any Photoshop involved? haha..

Look at the height of her heeellllsss!! ^^^^^

Her skin is ridiculously smooth and matte? Super awesome foundation/skincare/Photoshop? lol

She even poses like a Barbie doll omgomgomg

But maybe it's just knowing her angles and makeup? She does look different in certain photos. But still gorgeous, IMO.

I do wonder how she breaths through that nose..

Okay enough.. All photos from her fan page. Go stalk yourself xD


  1. THAT is what I call a human barbie. I also agree that her waist is too small. But photoshop or whatever, she's gorgeous.

  2. wow! haha! so pretty till it feels creepy! hehe! 

  3. hahaha
    lol at the breathing description!

    same here. i find it pretty yet disturbing at the same time.
    i saw her pics at fb the other day & i don't even know what to say anymore. hahaha

    at first i was thinking of is anorexic=sexy?
    but then you have to admit that she knows what are her perfect angles,ne?

    i just can't imagine how she will look like after 40 years

  4. She doesn't look like someone I'd call anorexic as her waist is the part I find to be strangely small. With the size of her boobs, it's kinda out of proportion lol but at least I'm not seeing the shape of her femur or sth yuck..
    Her mum is quite pretty actually lol Future her?

  5. Wow her waist is so thin o_O! 
    She looks very much like a barbie doll xD

  6. She really looks like Barbie. I went to her youtube channel and she claimed she never had plastic surgery except for her boobs. I doubt that but, even if it was true that her entire body underwent surgery, her doctor did an excellent job. She's gorgeous no matter what. :P 

  7. Well, she does look quite like her mum & sis so it could be natural (except the nose which is kinda suspicious). Or they all went to the same doc lolol

  8. She looks kind of creepy because she does look like Barbie!!:P

  9. Intuition Magicdrag01 May, 2012 11:33

    Her face is very pretty but her waist is kinda scary though :pppp



  10. Definitely lots of surgery to get those features! Pretty in some ways but creepy too

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  16. your so cutie <3 i wish to be just like you <3

  17. girls, this is the moral value : "learn photoshop if you want to look perfect!"

  18. Apparently she has not been Photoshopped nor has she gone through any plastic surgery

  19. Isabel, do you still think she looks like barbie naturally? please read this:

  20. Honestly that nose is fishy but the eyes can be created through layers and layers of makeup. Whether she did any PS or not doesn't really concern me. Still eye candy ;)


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