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Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate + Eye

I'm going to be frank here. I have already tried a sachet sample of this some time back due to the craze but not only did I not see any results, it gave me bumps =(

I gave it another try recently and got the same results. Was quite disappointed but I decided to give it one last chance when Kiehl's included a mini vial of it together with the Dark Spot Solution.

To my surprise, my skin reacted differently to it this time! @_@ Strange..

I remember asking the SA if I should use this once or twice daily and she replied "well, it's called Midnight Recovery so you should only use it at night"

Why night? That's when your skin is repairing itself and is at it's maximum absorption rate.

According to a consumer test, the test subjects got the following results :

Restores skin’s natural appearance by morning: 85% 
Improves the appearance of facial contours by morning: 85%
Nurtures and replenishes skin: 85% 
Skin feels more hydrated: 85%
Skin feels softer: 85%
Skin appears less tired and well rested: 80%

It's recommended to use this after DSS without moisturizer.

Now, some of you may be afraid of applying oil on your face. Will it make your face oilier? Clog pores? Well, you must remember that it's not cooking oil that you're putting on your face. According to Kiehl's, "The key to maintaining a youthful, clear complexion is to replenish skin with oils that promote healthy skin function as well as feed skin oils that regulate it’s innate oil production." In fact, Lavender essential oil helps to regulate oil production while soothing redness from acne. Just like bacteria, there are good & bad oils (Vitagen contains good bacteria).

I feel it didn't absorb as well as the DSS and left my face slightly shiny but really smooth. I didn't notice much difference but sometimes I do feel that my face glows in the morning.

Midnight Recovery Concentrate retails for RM 220/30 ml.

Then there's the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye which Jolynn of Kiehl's suggested after I asked about their Avocado eye cream.

It comes out as a thick cream. I warm it between my fingers and pat around my eye. There's no greasy or sticky residue. The eye cream smells just like the MRC (lavender) so erm.. my eyes smell nice lol

Of course, I can't say it did wonders for my eyes since I have only used it for a short time. It's supposed to help with puffiness, fines lines & wrinkles. I do like how it moisturizes without giving me milia. No eye irritation either. Concealer goes on top without a problem.

Midnight Recovery Eye retails for RM 150/15 ml

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. it only my eyes?

    why does the 'without' part of your skin looks better with the MR eye?it's like i can see all the folds of your skin with the product on?
    is that how kiehls define skin when is it moisturized?i haven't really tried anything from kiehls...maybe someday. hehe

  2. Oh my hands are really dry so there's plenty of cracks =x The right side has more cracks thank the left (just observed this lmao) When a product is applied, it looks more shiny and emphasized the lines. However, this isn't reflected on my undereyes.
    Subject: [sugarcoatedmuffin] Re: Sugar Coated Muffin: Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate + Eye

  3. I have never tried anything from Kiehl's either. But this looks interesting. I wonder how this would work for me. Kiehl's is just so expensive though!!

  4. Josephine Wei Liing Ng30 April, 2012 14:51

    Got the MRC over the weekend. Used it last night and woke up to boingboing skin this morning. And I felt well-rested with the help of lavender scent!

  5. Yeaaa the lavender scent~~ Love patting it on my face & snffing it

  6. Well, for a student it may seem pricey but honestly, if you're working with a steady income, this is worth the investment! Save on the Botox and sadness (sad because of wrinkles lol) later on 


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