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Caution for Contact Lens Wearers

One of the things I fear (after breaking my nail) has finally happened. Since many years ago, I KNEW it was gonna happen one day but I just took my chances by being really careful.

Yes, first thing that came into my mind was 'omg take a pic!' instead of 'omg stop the blood!'

You know the contact lenses that come in glass vials like this? *Just an example*

With the metal top? You're supposed to peel it up at the indicator and the top cover comes off with the metal then you just unwrap the metal.

Well, the metal that sticks to the cover snapped on mine and the 'circle' around the vial was still intact. Being a total genius *sarcasm*, I tried to open it using a fork and that's when it happened =_="

You know what annoys me? It's my mouse scrolling finger! I also use it to apply eye cream/concealer/contact lenses & use my phone ARGH!! Plus it's on the fold of skin so it's gonna be soooo annoying when it heals.

That's why I always like blister packaging like the one MagicColour uses.

Even my RM 15 Logic lens comes in blister packaging okay!!

I'll probably be like Pam and open them with scissors next time =/ Or a thick cloth.


  1. that exactly happen to me so many times, I'm just so careless! (o.0) I just hope they could improve on their packaging..

  2. =O You still used your bare hands after the first time? haha.. Yeah, wish they would change it

  3. angelvalerie198517 April, 2012 13:00

    LOLX! I always get someone else to do the tough job of opening the packaging for me because I broke my long nails once and after that, I swear I won't open them ever again! LOLX!

  4. Ah I hope it gets better soon. ;_;

  5. LOL take a pic before stopping the bleeding xD But seriously it hurts! Happened to me before, I was also the genius who tried using a fork >> Only to end up failing.

  6. I have done that too...on the exact spot, so painful!

  7. It's actually pretty easy to open the vials, you should read this tutorial on how to open! ( )

  8. Gosh.. They should really change the packaging!

  9. Ouch! That looks painful indeed. >_< I'm also scared of 1. scratching myself on the metal and 2. breaking my nails when opening this kind of bottles, so i usually use my towel as a 'guard layer' instead of bare hands to peel off the metal part. If it doesn't come off successfully, i use a pair of scissors to cut along the arrow (at the side of the metal cap) until it's broken, then i use my towel as a protection layer to peel it off.

    Very long explanation, but i hope it helps! ^^" 

  10. boo..I've done that too, once only though.  I did it with my first pair of lenses from geo.  Heal soon ^^..use poly.

  11. That's happened to me...Whyyyyyyyy must packaging be so painful!!!

  12. LOL I got 'traumatized' after breaking my nail from opening my seat belt (wth..) now I only use my knuckle

  13. Yes. I open all of them like this but sometimes shit happens and it breaks =/ First time in years!

  14. You used scissors to cut the metal? It works? In the end I just yanked the soft white foamy thing out and just poured out the lens. Kinda gross but I cleaned the lens like mad after that

  15. It happened with me too i was very careful while opening it but still.From the next time i used only vials. I still remember that pain and the blood which came out.


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