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Pure Bloggers (Scam or Spam?)

So I received an e-mail from Pure Bloggers some weeks back, inviting me to join their network of bloggers. I just brushed it off as spam or something similar since it wasn't directed at me specifically (does not contain my name). Plus, its 'Facebook layout' on the front page was very dodgy. They've changed it now but still seems pretty strange, if you ask me (looks like a bad PS job on those black figures).

Then I saw a Facebook post saying that these people are scammers so that obviously caught my attention and I went about Googling it.

Apparently, some bloggers discovered PB from their Blogger stats page which says they got traffic from PB but when they click on the link, it goes to *some other page* (not PB) which does NOT contain the link back to their blog.

According to nitecruzr, this whole thing is about referrer spam. Basically, nobody is linking to your blog and the 'traffic' you're getting is fake. But when it pops up on your stats page, you get curious and click on the URL to *some other page*. The only person benefiting from this situation is none other than *some other page* who is getting traffic from you bloggers.

I have not personally experienced this but according to many comments, it sounds like a good explanation.


  1. I saw this in my stats too O.o sounds kind of scary yet stupid now that you have explained it x) Just get page views the right way.. Sheesh >>

  2. Thanks for pointing this put, I clicked it once after seeing my stats but never again since I knew I never signed up for the site. Thanks for the heads up, kinda lame how they still show up on my stats page, annoying actually.

  3. I've been getting these referrer spam links in my stats for several days already, it's quite annoying :(

  4. Yeahhhh, I get that too! Thanks for explaining~

  5. Thanks for the warning! c:

  6. Thank you for pointing this out. Looking for a blogging platform I tried to sign up for that site but I never got a confirming mail and I never was able to log in with the account I created.


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