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Kanebo Blanchir Superior Oil Cleansing

Finishing up all my makeup removers since I have like 5 opened ones =_="

Got a trial size of this Oil Cleansing from the counter. I'm really glad I had it to try before purchasing the whole bottle!

Is that so...? Let the pictures do the talking!

Oh yeah, I also had foundation underneath.

It's really liquidy (wth is the right word for this) and easy to spread.

Normal massaging removed everything but the liquid eyeliner & waterproof mascara.

After much scrubbing, the mascara still remains! Honestly, I wouldn't even rub this hard on my face so I'm gonna consider that it was unable to remove waterproof mascara & liquid eyeliner.

Add some water to emulsify.. I still feel a heavy layer on my face after washing it off. It's really uncomfortable and doesn't really go away completely after double cleansing.

Le stubborn mascara..

Size : 150 ml

Pros : Scentless, easy to spread
Cons : Does not remove waterproof mascara/liquid eyeliner, leaves heavy film on face

My conclusion : Will not purchase full size. I just can't stand that film feeling plus I would prefer something more effective. For the price, I would rather get MAC Cleanse Off Oil.

The other products from this range like Clear Conditioner & Cream Soap are alright though. 

** Product was not purchased by me.


  1. This looks really messy, but I guess still cool to try! 

  2. Well, I guess it's normal for cleansing oils since you don't use cotton pads

  3. aww too bad the cleansing oil didn't work that well, I might skip on this one too!

  4. Ohhh that oily filmy feeling! I know exactly what you're talking about. It's always so difficult to remove that!

  5. Yup.. Definitely better ones at this price!

  6. Yes.. And I feel so uncomfortable if I leave it. If bumps show up, I feel so super guilty for not washing it away!

  7. lol I laughed when I saw that face on your hand XD thanks for the review!
    I adore MAC cleasing oil but the price just keeps going up X_X

  8. Awww... This is definitely not for me, since I NEEEED a good waterproof makeup remover without leaving my face feel heavy. Thanks for the review!!! I know to stay away from this!

  9. Really? Last I asked, it was still pretty affordable. Hopefully it hasn't gone up too much!

  10. lol it's still on the affordable end compared to the other designers... but when I first started using it it was only $22 and now it's $26... *shakes head*

  11. Well.. Knowing MAC, at least they did not discontinue it =O


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