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Doll Lash Eyelash Adhesive

I thought I was never gonna like tube eyelash adhesives since the Marie Beauty one came with an easy-to-use wand. However, the new Marie Beauty glues I got were weaker and the smell was so pungent =( Plus, I see many freelancers recommending this one for sensitive eyes.

I first saw it at Empro but COCiCOCi carries it as well. You can choose between Clear and Black. I'm not very accurate with my falsies so clearly, Clear was the choice. It comes in a pack of 3 tubes. Each tube is sealed and you have to puncture it using the back of the cover.

Price is printed wrongly here. It's RM 14.80.

The tube is actually kinda small. You can easily slip it into your bag for 'emergency falsies dropping out moments'. It's a soft metal tube which means you can squeeze out every single drop!

According to the packaging, you should allow 15-30 seconds before applying it. IMO, after 30 seconds, it loses it's stickiness. So I usually apply it immediately after 10 seconds or so. You can see that it's already turning clear (not so sticky anymore) after applying the glue and snapping some shots.

It's more long lasting than the Marie Beauty one and definitely does not smell as deadly ^_^ Removal was a breeze as well. Even though it's a tube, it was quite easy to apply! What a surprise.. However, a wand is better at 'touch ups' where half of your falsies are still intact.
Ingredients : Natural Rubber Latex, Water, Polyvinylalcohol, Acrylic polymer, Methylparaben, Perfume, Hydroxyethyl cellulose.
Price : RM 14.80
Sold at : COCiCOCi / Empro outlets
Made in Korea

Pros : Comes in Clear/Black, does not smell repulsive, easy to use, strong, easy removal, long lasting
Cons : Not so good for touch up

My conclusion : I actually quite like this! My sis just bought a few more of the Marie Beauty ones though x_X You should try this, especially if you feel your current eyelash glue is irritating your eyes.


  1. Your nail beds are so nicely shaped *___* lol
    K, about the glue now, I think if it doesn't smell and can be removed easily, then it sounds good for me! Haha

  2. makeupbymanilove30 March, 2012 19:46

    I'm a huge lash fan, and never thought of the actual ingredients! Great post
    -Imani Love

  3. i wish it's sell in my area..thx for sharing this.≧^◡^≦

  4. This looks pretty easy to toss it your bag for make up on the go! 

  5. I would love to wear fake lashes but find it so hard to get them stay put. 

  6. Maybe you need a better glue or merely a different position. I avoid the tear duct area cos it's really uncomfortable for me.


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