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More Nail Polishes I Don't Need

Sis went shopping for 'pregnant friendly nail polishes' at My Nail Solution in Three 2 Square (or is it 3 Two Square?) and I tagged along, not intending to buy anything. I'm like super kiamsiap so I won't buy nail polishes for RM 55 when I can get them online for RM 20+ (actually, I won't even buy those =_=").

However, they had a clearance rack where some shades of Essie were RM 20 only. After comparing between like 10 bottles of similar shades, I chose these 2. I have no idea what shades they are as there's no label on the bottle.

They're both shimmery colours but the cream one is much sheerer and harder to work with.

Sis gave me her crystal nail file which came in the set. I read somewhere that crystal nail files are too fine to do anything but my sis disagrees. It comes in this bright fuchsia container which you have to protect your file with since it is fragile.

My current nails : The Essie cream shade with glittery polish from Nature Republic. It looks better IRL, I swear =/ Didn't get macro lens for camera. Trying to replicate that OPI polish the bmic girl used on me.

There aren't many shades available. Mostly neutrals with some reds and pinkish purples.


  1. I think sells Essie's for Rm19.  I think only la.

  2. Actually online prices are so much cheaper =( I went to Nailfiesta that day but it was down
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