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Of-Fish-Cially for Two, Manhattan Fish Market

Had dinner with Andrew at Ikano Power Centre. We were walking around the whole place, from Ikano to Cineleisure to Curve and all the way back before settling for this place. Our menus were given to us the moment we sat down but it took quite some effort trying to call the waiter to take my order. It was almost like nobody dared to look at the customers so they didn't have to work! The one who saw us waving called another waiter (who's busy with another table) to take our order even though he was free.

We got the set below. There's a promotion going on from 26th September to 5th December 2011.

A dish was almost wrongly served to us but in the end, the salad arrived first. I realized that they didn't prepare any eating utensils for us.. o_O

Then the waiter approaches us, mumbles something and sets the pan on fire right before our eyes. I think he said 'flaming' or something.. =/

The fire was concentrated on the prawns (yummiest part of dinner!). Dory fish a lil tasteless (btw, where's our lemon?), carrots & broccoli way undercooked and too hard. The veges look very dry too like they've been left in the open for some time.

The salmon dish arrived last. At this point, I was still left wondering if I'm supposed to eat with my hands... =/ Usually the utensils are prepared before the dishes actually arrive at the table =_="

Andrew asked for more butter sauce(?) for the salmon and actually had to ask thrice. A couple of waiters came to us and I'm not even sure if they speak English! Veges were horrid (duh.. they're from the same batch) but rice was really fragrant.

Funny joke on the serviette xD

Bleh.. Don't think I'll be returning to the Manhattan Fish Market there but the service is much better in other branches.

Before dinner, we had tapau-ed some sushi from a Jap shop on the lowest floor, near the ATM. There was a 30% discount sign but honestly, I would have still bought it without the discount cos salmon sushi was only RM 1.30, along with many other variants. So worth it! The sashimi is quite fresh, no fishy smell (believe me, I'm very super duper sensitive to fishy smell) and everything tastes alright. Not what I expected for the price at all~ Very happy I found cheap and nice sushi ^_^

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