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Kanebo Blanchir Superior Cream Soap

Remember THIS? I mentioned I was using a Kanebo facial wash to create the foam.

Compared to my other facial washes, the Kanebo Blanchir Superior Cream Soap managed to make the most foam and it was much denser too.

I only use a small amount each time so it does last quite a while.. I'm not even done with the small 20 g tube yet.

Product says : Soft, thick lather envelopes and removes impurities in pores and skin texture while protecting moisture, leading to brighter, clearer skin with outstanding translucency.

I noticed a brightening effect right after washing my face with this. It also left my face clean yet plump, moisturized & soft. Kinda like the perfect balance o.0 I've never thought of spending much on facial washes before cos it's just a facial wash.. What difference could it make? Well, this changed my mind.. =)
Size : 125 g
Price : RM 105
Made in Japan

Pros : Creates lots of dense foam, brightening, moisturizing, cleanses well
Cons : Pricey for a facial wash, takes time to make foam

My conclusion : Quite good for a facial wash.. Very tempted to purchase but still giving it second thoughts due to the price.

** I did not purchase the product. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.

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  1. thanks for the review (: seems alright!

    CMPang x


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