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Urbanscapes, Macaron Soaps & A New Bag

Last Sat, Nicole & I decided to hop down to Urbanscapes without actually knowing what is it about. We reached at 4+ and it was so so so soooo HOT! I think I got slightly sunburnt as there wasn't much shade nor places to sit down. There were blogshops, F&B and concerts going on but nothing quite caught our attention. Maybe we were too distracted by the heat and sun.

That's me on my phone trying to track someone down. Bad idea! So many concerts, so many The Bees, such a big field! They should have separated it into zones or something to make it easier for people to identify.

I like this pic cos my eyes are all shiny xD I slathered on crazy amounts of sunblock =_= Oddly enough, nobody sold caps there o_O On the ticket, it also said no umbrellas and cameras allowed. However, on the website, they mentioned that you can shoot with cameras.

Me and a squinty eyed Nicole lol

The price of the stuff there wasn't exactly cheap (especially after I've been shopping at Sungei Wang lol) so I only left with an RM 8 strawberry macaron soap from Soapstars.

Then we went off to dinner at New Paris cos we were bored out of our minds.

Omelette, baby kai lan & squid (this was good). The leong cha here is nice also!

Oh and I won the 'most wanted bag' from Sustainability ESG 2020 lol That's Zul, one of the volunteers.

Collected it at Malaya Optical, one of the sponsors. Thanks again! Ryan & Zul are such friendly people.. =)

Like me, you might be wondering what is ESG about.. Click HERE to read about it. Do join the contest while you're at it!

You could win yourself vouchers, bags or a pair of sunglasses!~

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  1. the soap is super adorable!!! i wanna eat it lol

    i love your new hair!!!


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