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M9 Saloon, Kota Damansara

I bought a deal from I Love Discounts for Hair Colour/Highlights + Scrub Treatment for Scalp + Wash + Blow (RM 68) at M9 Saloon & Beauty Center. Last shot of my long curly horse mane hair!

My hair was having serious black roots. Urgh! Oh yea.. I just realized that they crimped my hair for the shoot after taking this shot =_= How blur can I be?

It's located in Kota Damansara, somewhere opposite Chatime. You won't miss the stairs as M9 is written all over it.

Honestly, this is the first time I've been to a saloon or beauty center and have NOT been offered something to drink even though I was coughing non stop since I was sick. The lady boss (Coco) was brewing tea for herself though..

The deal was for hair up to 20 inches only (extra charge of RM 30 if exceeding) so I asked for a hair cut (RM40) and took the opportunity to get a fringe as well. There goes my curls! Can you believe that Coco said she didn't see any curls on my hair hence she blew straight my hair? I don't like the fact that she didn't even bother to ask! She just assumed my hair was naturally wavy.

As for the colour, I chose a brown with reddish undertone. David, the artistic director rinsed my hair to wash away all the hair styling products from the shoot from the day before. It is best not to wash your hair for 2-3 days before dyeing it to protect your scalp or something. After applying the dye, they simply wrapped my hair in cling wrap. How come I didn't get a shower cap like Nicole? The wrap started to slide off halfway and I was so afraid of the dye getting everywhere.

During my entire visit there, I noticed one thing..

There was water, hair and dye flying everywhere!

If you're going to wear makeup, please wear waterproof makeup! I had water running down my neck, going in my eye, spritzed all over my face and had my face smooshed on the sides on the sink. During my haircut, she was literally throwing my hair all over me and onto the pages of the magazine so if you're going to read the female magazine July edition, you're probably gonna see bits of my hair. Nicole had hair dye on her face and because they massaged the dye into my scalp, there was some on my face (around the hairline) as well.

"Master Professional Hairstylists
With over 25 years of experience in the industry, you'll be in the best hands throughout your 1 1/2 to 2 hour long session.

Well.. I wouldn't say they're the gentlest (some hair pulling moments and uncomfortable head massages) but quite friendly and easy to talk to. Also didn't roll their eyes when I couldn't tell the difference between two shades of dye.

^ That's their son, btw. Massaging the very nice cooling scalp treatment into Nicole's scalp.

Coco, the other artistic director (David's wife) offered a hair treatment for RM 66, which I accepted since my hair was in dire need of some pampering (and she was telling us to get it non stop). The treatment aims to preserve hair colour and protect hair. I'm annoyed cos I saw the deal for the treatment on another discount website for RM19.90 only. Seriously?! =_=

The result! I like the colour ^_^

The colour went all the way in cos Coco applied it even on my scalp. Look how shiny my hair is o_O

Then.. I washed my hair and it returned to it's poofy curly form lol Even with the treatment, I feel my hair is very dry and definitely gotten more damaged. I was warned by another stylist that my hair cannot be layered much or else it'll be super fluffy =_= Now I'm considering going back to straight hair but I don't think my hair can stand anymore abuse plus it'll look so flat!

Price list :

46-2, Jalan PJU 5/10,
Dataran Sunway,
Kota Damansara,
47810 Selangor

Tel: 017-393 4391 / 03-6148 3193

Business Hours:
Thursday - Tuesday : 11.30 am to 8.00pm
Take note that Wednesday is their rest day =)


  1. i love the color!!! great haircut. i think it looks really cute kind of wavy. is it naturally wavy? love how the fringe looks too

  2. The color looks great! Did you take any multivitamin? If you didn't, maybe you can try it. I used GNC multivitamin and I noticed after few weeks, my hair become softer and my nails become unbelievably hard. It is so long and it haven't break even a bit.

  3. do you have naturally curly hair or did you perm it? Love your new hair colour and cut tho! suits you a lot ^^

  4. Yikes-- it's always pretty awful when a stylist is a bit rough on your hair. @_@

    At least the colour and styling is AMAZING. <33 It looks great-- even in its natural texture. Lovely~~~.

  5. I permed my hair last year but my natural hair isn't straight but more of a frizzy tuft of wavy mess lol


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