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Max Factor Liquid Effect Pencil Eye Liner (Green Glow)

Pencil eyeliners tend to smudge, run with water, fade or tug too much on my eyelid. Which is why sometimes I prefer gel or liquid liner.

"The new MAX FACTOR Liquid Effect Pencil Eye Liner is a modern day eye liner with an edge; incorporating the easy application of an eye pencil and the smooth and lasting effects of a liquid eye liner"

There's a purple smudger tip on one end but I find it quite useless since it is so hard and the liner is not really smudge-able (doesn't look good, IMO. I need to play with it more). Instead, I use it once in a while to remove mistakes (kinda like an eraser).

This liner went on really really REALLY smooth and fast. I felt like I was spreading butter on hot toast! The colour intensity is not buildable (one layer is pigmented enough) and going over the line does not cause it to clump.

I wore it to work, pairing it with black liquid liner (I don't like using green liners by themselves). By doing this, it brightened up my eye area (my eyes were looking tired after working at a fair + I was terribly sick).

The liner did not budge, fade nor smudge on me at all! It's also long lasting and every single bit was still there by the end of the day. As for the waterproof test, it doesn't run under running water but it will disappear if rubbed.

Price : RM 38

Pros : Smooth application, pigmented, long lasting, doesn't smudge, waterproof
Cons : Useless smudge tip, comes off if rubbed

My conclusion : This is almost a liquid liner packaged as a pencil liner. Since only a small amount is needed each time (it still looks new after a couple of uses), the price is quite reasonable =)

** Product was provided by Yuberactive for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. I like how you layer those two eyeliner..=D Looks real pretty!I don't have any bright eyeliner to play with but I think I'm gonna try doing it with eyeshadows..XXD Anyway, the green color looks good! I read Pepper's review and she said hers clump when she redrew the line..must have been a bad unit..>_<

  2. I have a bunch of silkygirl ones xD I need to play with my makeup soon. They've been abandoned for far too long =( Actually I think the problem lies with the shade. I read Traclyn's review on the violet one and it wasn't good either

  3. Wow, so pretty! I love it!

  4. so pretty!!! the purple looks really nice too, too bad it doesn't work >.<

    ahh they discontinued Max Factor in the US, I used to love their stuff, esp mascaras T_T

  5. It's only RM38 for one? I thought the prices at Max Factor are somewhat expensive but hey... affordable, right?

    OMG... can't believe I haven't been here for quite some time! Looks like work has taken most of my personal moments away too!

  6. Yeah! Quite affordable (relatively lol)

  7. Marina Mayangsari08 December, 2012 02:53

    sadly it just don't stay on my eyelid at all :( i regret buying one... i bought black fire. it's not smudge-able. because it disappears completely when you rub the product. is it because i've an oily eyelid? overall, it's disappointed.

  8. Have you tried using a primer underneath?


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