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Now Readers Earn Too Through Nuffnang Grapevine

If you don't already know.. When people click on the ads on my blog, I get a small payment for it. But this payment is really tiny (cos you people aren't clicking) and only I can get it.

Now, with the new Grapevine add-on for the advertisement on my sidebar, all my readers can earn with me! If you see an advertisement you wanna share (please do), simply click on one of the sharing buttons and enter your e-mail. Let's say you posted it on Facebook.. Whenever someone clicks on your link in Facebook, both you and I will earn from it. Isn't that just fantastic???

Still don't understand? Click HERE for a clearer explanation.

There's one right now for the Samsung Galaxy S2 so share away! ^_^

P.S. The Samsung Galaxy S2 looks awesome =_=

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  1. whooah, that's awesome! haha..but I'm just too lazy..XD would do it sometime soon..hee..


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