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This Week 140511

  • Read this creepy story about the girl who never removed her makeup on Luna's blog.
  • Discovered some jaw dropping nail art designs at Robin Moses' blog.
  • Massive sale up to 70% over at Angel's thread cos she's clearing her stock. 
  • The police has released some information about the 'Acid Man' who has been randomly splashing corrosive liquid at females.
  • Nicole's promoting My Beauty Diary masks over at Guardian Sunway Pyramid. So do drop by to support and you can get free gifts with purchase ^_^ There are promotions going on too.
I went to work like this one day and there were many people staring at me lol This 'guai mui' even walked in and stared at my hair for 5 seconds non stop =_=

We went for a Mother's Day dinner @ Ole Ole Bali, Solaris Mont Kiara. I was snapping pics like crazy but the lighting was crap =_=

Selection of wine~

Sis & I

Posting this pic cos I'm vain. Omg just realized I'm sitting under the 'merchandise' sign =_=

The family~

Now.. On to the food! Calamari, BBQ chicken wings, rice and otak otak.

Calamari salad. Btw, that big crispy popadam-like thingy is not popadam-like at all. Not nice wan.

Coleslaw, corn, beef steak and mutton.

Another plate of the otak otak thingy but it's slightly different. Basically, everything we ordered kinda tasted BBQ and quite the same =_=" Food's not bad lah.. I think price came up to about RM 50 per person including drinks. One complain is that the air conditioning wasn't strong enough. No fans either.

Yeah and we took more pics lol

Pretty butterfly..

They also sell all these wooden crafts there.

Which I proceeded to take a photo with lol

Gong's not for sale though

Happy Mother's Day!

Not sure if I showed you girls but I got the 'official pics' for the MagicColour event.

I obviously wasn't appropriately dressed.. Feel so seriously under-dressed compared to everyone else *stares at Joolyn*

There was a contest over at Tongue In Chic where we're supposed to copy Zoey's style. I even tried to copy her makeup but PHAILED. Didn't have any vintage clothes either so this was the nearest I found =_= Ignore the face.. I know I look like shit. Lining under my eyes just doesn't work for me.. =/

Oh yea, got my REN Micro Polish Cleanser sample. Whee~~ Already used it yesterday lol


  1. You look so much like your mummy! Gorgeous! There is no other word to describe that for sure! On the other hand, I don't look like my mum at all, I'm more towards daddy's girl. Hahahaha.

    Babe, Stage is still on sales! I've just SMS-ed you regarding it. Hahaha... stocked up like crazy and I'm kinda their loyal customer already by now. Even those makeup artists there, especially at Pavilion know me and my sister so well.

    By the way, I've wanted to comment on your Magic Colour Lens entry last week but I found myself too lazy. Hahaha... Plus, internet was half dead - P1 sucks! I had to resort to use internet at Starbucks or at workplace! Well, what can I say? You're more than just gorgeous in those pictures! I love the lenses. Imma gonna purchase as soon as my current lenses run out!

  2. Hahaha yea.. I look like my mum.

    I tried P1 for 3 days and returned it lmao! Even worse than streamyx!

  3. food looks good! haha..I really should stop coming by your food posts at night coz they seriously gave me some major cravings..XD Anyway, I think I asked for that cleanser sample too..not sure whether they have arrived or not (since I'm at uni right now..=__=).

  4. I love your hair in the first pic :D I think i would stare at it too :P but then quickly complimented it ^^ hehe. The place you went for Mother's day is so adorable!! Gahh I should spoil myself next time I'm in KL with my man~~ :D You have such a gorgeous family!!! The females are all beautiful :)



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