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This Week 070511

Lets see.. Well, I got my first part time job. Didn't go too well. Don't think I'm meant for promoting jobs O_O First day I paid RM 9 for parking $#^%@$^#%^!!!! Then second day I parked at the outdoor carpark which had a flat rate of RM1 per entry =_= *sigh..* I had to refrain myself from buying anything as I'm there to work not shop! Also, I was eating the same thing for 3 days cos I couldn't decide where to eat wth..

My prizes from a giveaway arrived (After almost 4 months! Darn customs..). This is a Quo Diamonds Are Forever palette which includes 3 x 2 g blushes and 6 x 1.4 g eyeshadows. I just love the casing O_O
It's so sparklyyy...~~~

The bottom slides open to reveal 2 blushes. Now obviously, I have not touched this. I'm gonna admire it for a while first LOL~

There was also a Nicole by OPI Tinsel Tips set. I'm not in a mood for red at the moment so will show you the colour another time.

Sephora opened! Was disappointed by their collection but happy I got to swatch some stuff. UD & Too Faced eyeshadows are so silky.. x_X Tried OPI's Black Shatter as well. So nice but the price of RM 60 is too much for me =/

I've been using the Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara a lot lately.. Still loving it.

During the MagicColour thing, they said I looked like a bride and a Korean O_O

Then on the way back from Sephora, we saw a big group of police band thingy o_O

Watched Thor with my Bf. It's nice! ^_^ There were many funny scenes that made the whole hall laugh. Quite entertaining.

And that Chris Hemsworth is just yummy xD He was in Guinevere Jones & Star Trek!

Also in the movie are Natalie Portman (Black Swan!) & Anthony Hopkins (Hannibal Lector~).


  1. Congrats on getting the job but sorry to hear about your parking fees etc :/ Woah it took almost 4 months for your giveaway prize to arrive >< ? If you look at it on the bright side, at least it finally got to you! The case is very pretty indeed and the palette on the inside looks nice too, congrats on winning :D

  2. Well, I made some friends and so far I'm just taking in the bad things and trying to ignore them ^_^ Yes! So glad they actually arrived lol


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