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A Magical Monday With Bloggers

I envy bloggers from other countries for having all these gatherings where there's food, talk about beauty and a lot of laughter. Then an invite came from Tammy and it was like a fairy tale. A flying carpet came to pick us up and it whisked us away to a far far land. A white garden table set awaited us on a soft green lawn. White rabbits in tuxedos served us delicious tea, coffee and marshmallows covered in chocolate. Then a fairy god mother arrived and with her pink sparkling wand, she transformed all of us into beautiful princesses.






Right.. That didn't really happen. But almost!

Thanks to MagicColour Lens for making my Monday so wonderful~

When I first opened the site, the thing that caught my eye was the contact lens filled with water LOL! Wow.. That really describes the high water content of 55%. Normally the ones I wear are 35% so 55% is really high! Could this be the solution to my dry eyes? =D! All the lenses are manufactured in Korea using a Diamond-Cutting technology. No wonder the lenses are so smooth O_O

This is where all the magic happened. Delectable by Su in Gardens.

Look at all the food they spoiled us with!

Alicia's black balls on a stick.

Alfalfa sandwiches (I think) which were so fresh and tasty + mushroom tarts.

Flower shaped I-dunno-what which I didn't eat lol

Felt like I was in a candy shop man..

I think those are happinutts (lol at the name) and in the cups are some kinda cake+choco chip+marshmallow. Being a sugar addict, I didn't think they were sweet enough.

Then spotted these lovely cakes in the shop O_O

Awww.. Don't the rabbits look happy?

That was until... Monster Alicia came along! =O (Ok Alicia please don't kill me lol)

What a cute fuzzy bunny..

The lovely Chic&Sleek bags, hanging out with the caramel popcorn machine.

Mine is pink! ^_^ The material is really good and tough. Pretty design by the lovely Leen.

Look at the inside! So pretty.. There's a compartment for your smaller stuff and you can even put things behind it. Maybe for your letters or loose papers.

Am I the only one who thought the coffee looked like condoms? Lol

A mini tea party would not be complete without tea. However, the case of Traclyn's missing teapot has yet to be solved..

Oops.. Terpress the flash =_= Isn't Joolyn/Stellar so beautiful?! Love her Liz Lisa top/dress too! And her hair, her eyes, her complexion, her boobies. *grows green with envy*

Fatin & I. Crap.. Didn't take a picture of her shoes & stocking. This girl is so fashionable!

+ Traclyn

Don't Joolyn & Ann look alike?! If they were wearing the same clothes I would probably get majorly confused. In fact, I went to their FB page and realized I couldn't differentiate who's who =_= Sumore they still have a younger sister who also looks like them!

Since this is a makeover.. Here's my before photo. I wore glasses as we're putting on MagicColour lenses there.

Check out my new green eyes! ^_^ I'm wearing the Blushy Green lenses here. I highly recommend this type as you can really see the colour. The green is gorgeous too. I've seen some green lenses that make the wearer look like a monster! Lol Users are spoilt for choice as there are 11 collections to choose from. Wheee~~

P.S. I'm not naked here. Was wearing a tube top.
P.P.S. OMG!! I have double eyelid here! xD

Don't my eyes look sooooo much bigger???? That's because MagicColour lenses have a diameter of 16 mm. Say hello to big and sparkly eyes!

"Oh my.. What big eyes you have!"
Wink pose successful! xD
Makeup and hair by Celeb Image. Pity the MUA cos my eyes were tearing and she had to keep retouching my eye makeup lol I have sensitive eyes and I always soak my lenses overnight before wearing so it did irritate my eyes. Plus, I only use certain brands of contact lens solution cos they too can make my eyes uncomfortable. Why are my eyes so troublesome???

Pink bear biscuit ^_^ My blue one was beheaded =x

*Gasp!* My eyes are so huge!

So nice of them to let us try 3 pairs of contact lenses + contact lens case + feed us + give us nice Chic&Sleek bags + buy Tidy&Neat organizer for us. I chose Sparkling Ocean Aqua, Blushy Green & Dazzle Gray. The Aqua & Green are very opaque. Oh btw, the lenses do come in that pretty pink box. Unlike my previous Geo lenses which came in a hard to open bottle (cut my hand), these are housed in a blister packaging so it's hygienic and easy to open.

Looking at the lenses the other bloggers chose, I'm itching to get more! If you're interested, you can buy them at Then we can have sparkly eyes together xP

Full review for the green lenses will be done after I've worn them for a few more times.


  1. Great one there! Haha I didn't had the time to take photo of myself that much. I only reached home at 11+pm, was so exhausted!

  2. Well it certainly looks like you had fun! I'm not sure I would have been able to pay attention to the lenses with so much cute food around! Thanks for taking so many pictures.

  3. that seems like a fun blogger event indeed~!

    you look soooooooooooo cute,hun!
    you easily pass as a japanese cosmetics model!
    sugoku kirei!

  4. Isabel!! We love your eyes!! Makes you look sharper and enhanced your features! Very nice!
    Glad that you like our products. Thanks for participating. And the story is awesome too!!
    *hugss* ~~

  5. @ Traclyn
    Wow that's late.. There was still light and didn't want to waste the MUA's effort xD

    @ Eden
    Hard to miss the lenses when everyone's eyes were looking so good that day ^_^ We had loads of fun!

    @ Thiamere
    Haha thanks!! I hope we will be having more in the future~~ ^_^

    @ MagicColour
    All thanks to MagicColour Lens ^_^ Even my Bf likes it. Hehehe.. Thank you for organizing such an awesome party for us~

  6. nice !! You look dashing~~

  7. *faints* Ohhh my gosh--- your look for the meet/gathering/party is flawless. ; 3; Hair, makeup, etc.

    I especially love your FOTD: totally reminds me of those gyaru over in Japan. ;P (Going blonde any time soon? Haha.)

    And wow--- high water content circle lenses are pretty much impossible to find. o: <33

  8. What a great way to jump start your week! Love your makeup and the chic&sleek bag is sooo pretty!

    Love your blog! ^^

  9. @ Leen
    Thanks! ^_^

    @ Noxin
    Hah! I KNEW it'll attract you xD Everything contact lens, first person that pops into my mind is you.

    Flawless because of all the concealer =x And no, I'm not going blonde lol!

    @ Crystal
    So pretty right?? ^_^ If only every Monday was like this lol!

  10. u really looks pretty with the lens .

  11. ahn-yeong~ i tittle u miss korean~ hehe

    gorgeous eyes!

    xoxo elle


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