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FOTD : Job Interview

So I went for a job interview today and piled on the makeup and falsies. I haven't been using foundation (except for some super rare occasions when I need to) for months because my skin seems be be cakey and flakey the moment I apply it. That was until... The MUA applied concealer and foundation on me during the MagicColour Bloggers Meetup. I was amazed by how dewy my skin looked despite it flaking on me earlier that morning. Then it hit me.. It's all in the technique. 

I usually apply foundation by dragging it across my skin or the likes of that. By patting it on with my fingers a little at a time, it gives an entirely different result! Skin's not flaky but dewy instead! Don't apply a thick layer all over. Use thin layers and build it up. It's kinda like stippling with your fingers. Also, use a brightener or opposite colour of your undereyes as a base before concealer. It works wonders and you don't need as much concealer.

Products used : Biore UV Perfect Face Milk, Stage Picture Perfect Liquid Camouflage (04), Loreal Liquid Foundation (G3), Etude House Dream On Base (Purple), Too Faced Walk of Shame palette, Empro Triangular Brow Pencil, Empro Day & Night Mascara, Beautilicious The Magic Wand, NYX Rouge Cream Blush (Natural), Mentholatum Lip Pure & NYX Megashine Lipgloss (Smokey Look).

If you think my eyes look really big and dolly, keep reading for the review ^_^


  1. i agree!
    it's in the technique!
    i actually prefer applying cream foundations using my hands instead of a brush sometimes. i remember watching fuzkittie's video before on how to have a flawless looking skin,i think & she also used the same method!

    you look ravishing,sweetie!
    i sure do hope all the best for the job application,hun!

  2. whoooah, how come your hair grows so fast!? I thought it was just a couple of posts away that you talked about the salon trip! I wish my hair would grow just as fast..anyway, you look good~! Oh yeah, please do tutorials on how to use brightener or corrector before concealer if you have the time.. =)

  3. moisturizing primer helps a lot :) i tried it on dry skin customer when i worked in LM, foundation we definitely build by thin layer of course. a good primer will affect the result of the makeup :) and brightener doesnt work so much on very dark circles, they will need corrector before concealer :) sometimes i need corrector sometimes i just need brightener and concealer :)

  4. thanks for your tips! i wish i'd have much time in the morning to get my finger tips to apply foundie! i'm just afraid of staining the fingers LOL

  5. Great advice, it is all in the technique! Congratz on the interview; I hope you get the job =)

  6. Babe, I've sent you an email! Wonder if you're interested with my offer or not, do get back to me!

  7. @ Thiamere
    Yes! I used to use brushes but I feel the coverage is too thick and it's cakey. Plus, I can't always get it to go where I want lol

    Well, I've been shortlisted for training but there's some other problem now.

    @ aisyah
    My hair's less curly now so it may appear to be much longer. But anyway, my hair memang grows fast lol Just like my nails.

    LOL omg.. There's no tutorial since it's only smacking the brightener/corrector on in one step xD Besides, I don't actually have a corrector. I simply use a purple brightener which technically is bad cos yellow concealers cover my undereyes the best (so far). Purple and yellow are opposite each other in the colour wheel so it's actually not logical =/ Will experiment more with this ^_^

    @ Nicole
    I personally prefer smacking on a lot of hydrating skin care then applying oil controlling base or else confirm I'll get oily in an hour. I don't have a corrector (no money ah!) so a brightener will have to do for now..

    @ Jen
    Lol~ I wake up extra early just to do my makeup, which takes 40 minutes. I need to shorten the time.. It's not even complicated makeup! I keep a tissue on hand to wipe my fingers =P

    @ Mishi
    Gonna go for training on Tues ^_^

    @ angel

    Replied you! Hehehe.. =P

  8. Isabel,your eyes --- OMG I LOVE IT TO DEATH!! I found colored contact lens can make someone looks a bit scary but on you,it is just,beautiful!

    Oh yes,did Biore UV Perfect Face Milk really good as primer? I use bb cream as primer (need to smoothen out my large pore,nice at first but sadly no oil control).Do you have any recommendation? I will work at site (imagine the sun,humid etc,I dont want my make up melt).

  9. @ Anon
    Thanks! *blush*

    Yes! I love it~ My skin tends to oil up after an hour but this has awesome oil control, also preventing my foundation from changing colour that much. It smoothens my face, making concealer and foundation application easier. I'm not so sure about pore size though. This has replaced my ex-fav YSL Matte Touch oil control primer xP

    However, do take note that it contains alcohol and can be drying/irritating on some people. I don't flake from it but I apply a moderate amount, concentrating on oily areas. Also, I moisturize before that.


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