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Mummy Is Always Right

All these years, my mum has been telling me to use tea tree oil but I just ignored her cos I don't like the smell. One of the main reason I didn't listen to her advice was because she sometimes has these 'HG' stuff which she thinks can be used for everything. Like that 'yue yao' (cantonese) aka fish oil - direct translation lol Apparently, it's good for insect bites, pimples, itches, mosquito bite, tick bite etc. You get the idea. Although it worked for bites, it definitely didn't help my pimples. In fact, don't put it on your face. The fumes can make your eyes watery and burn your eyes if you touch them =_= Have personally experienced this.

So anyway, recently my sis bought a bottle of T3 oil and I decided to use it on my large pimple. To my shock, it greatly reduced the size! Darn.. I should have listened to my mum and used it last time =_= Pfft.. I've been using it for a few weeks now and it really helps. Only problem is the smell but I'm getting used to it.

So did your mum every give you any beauty advice?
Did it work for you?


  1. I used to use tea tree oil for pimples. It's really great because it stops the pimple for getting bigger...I found it quite drying though! :D

  2. apparently, no :P my mum doesnt ive me advice about this kind of stuff but vice versa. I give HER advice -____-"

    hahah, and i got the same bottle too! :D but T3 doesnt really work well on me since i occasionally have pimples and even if they appear on me it's the huge ones which i dont even dare to touch so it's pretty much pointless -___-"

    and, actually i LOVE the smell of T3. so refreshing to me! :P

  3. Drying?? That never happened to me. I guess it depends on your skin, huh?

    @ mei ping
    Hahaha! My mum used to be really good at 'pan leng' when she was younger so she's the one giving me the tips xD

  4. Ahaha- I'm Jamaican and we have a TON of home remedies. Some crazy, some amazingly effective. <33 The only beauty advice my mum had for me was to wash my face right when I wake up, and before go to bed. Oh-- and that vaseline/petroleum jelly is really good to keep your lips soft. :]

    And ooohh- my local drugstore has Tea Tree Oil for pretty cheap. o:


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